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Kenna stormed down the hall, she needed to blow of some anger. She stopped in the middle of the corridor and leaned against the wall behind me. Why was she so scared of Josh? She kept asking herself the same question.

A couple of student girls walked by her, they were all smiling and laughing with each other. Kenna knew all of them by face but not by name. One of the saw her watching then and she just smiled and waved. Kenna lifted her arm slightly but let it fall again. She was not good with socializing anymore. She was lucky to have Josh around, she could talk to him with out feeling embarrassed, she just hoped that this whole situation would die down soon.

The girl shrugged her shoulders and turned to walk with her friends. Kenna leaned back and banged her head on the wall. She looked around, no one was in sight. She opened up her hand and a fire ball appeared. She studied it for a long time before she let it fade.
When she looked up again, Emil was running towards her.

"Kenna... you need to talk to Josh." He said grabbing her arm.

Kenna stared at him and then sighed. She was going to ask Emil to go with her but then she realized that she could not rely on him forever. She thanked him with a quick shrug of her shoulders and then headed down the hall. She got to her door and gave one last deep sigh before she stepped inside. She moved straight to her bed and sat down. She had not realized how tired and hungry she was until now. She sighed again and she stared at Josh, waiting for him to say something.
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