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    Josh stood on the balcony of the room. His coat flowed behind him in the wind. He ran his hand across the scar on his left eye.

    "Y'know Kenna... I never did tell you how I got this..." Josh sighed.

    "When I was younger I was picked on a little for being different. I had barely any friends, but those I had were very good and close ones. One day I turned a corner to see my best friend being picked on, I heard them throwing insults at him for hanging out with "The local freak" as they called me..." Josh winced.

    "I didn't care about them mocking me... It didn't bother me... but if I was somehow causing my friends pain, I wouldn't take it anymore. I ran at the boys who were insulting my friend in anger. I attacked them and one of them threw a stone at me in defense. It sliced across my eye and scarred me. I beat all of them up, the bullies. My friend approached me to make sure I was alright but I pushed him back and ran away. I decided that if he was getting bullied because he was with me... then it wasn't worth it to be my friend. I stopped calling him, aswell as my other friends and became distant... I was on the verge of total solitude... when I was called here to be your familiar. But it seems that even here Im a danger to you and everyone else... I tried to scare you away but that only led you to be further hurt and angry... I can't let myself get close to you Kenna... I... I don't want to hurt you... I couldn't live with myself if I did..." Josh stopped.

    "Kenna, is it possible for you to resummon another familiar, and break our contract?" Josh asked, if thats what it took... then Josh was more than willing to do just that.
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