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    Ivy frowned at the name but didn't think too much of it, dragging Day away to the class room. Day was cheerfully oblivious to the obvious harm she had caused. "Bye Lucy!" she called after the other. "See you later!" Ivy suppressed a groan. She had the spazziest friend ever. Day twisted around to walk and giggled innocently at her friend. "That guy sure was silly," she stated, going to take her seat in the back. Flutes had been in the back since they had been here. They needed more room.

    Ivy shook her head and sat down a few seats away. They were in the same row due to the pure size of the band. She grabbed her clarinet and assembled it, playing a few notes. Nearby, she heard DAy doing the same, looking actually focused. She sighed with relief. Day was the teacher's problem... for now. THere was a soft buzz and a beep from her pocket. She shivered. Ivy was scared. She hoped everything worked out.


    Xavier glanced at the chatting seniors and away. Why couldn't he talk about those sorts of things? Sometimes he'd like to... oh wait, it was because he had no friends. Wilson warned against them, said they were a hinderance on the mind if they weren't on their team. X hated those sorts of statements but he commander was the big cheese. Nothing he could do. Besides, the group, his bloody family, did do those things, did talk about movies and study together. It was just so much less often.

    He decided to let out a snort towards Sammy's group as the teacher walked in. "Study? You out of your mind? Trust me dude, I am too cool for that."
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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