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Wesley James Stevens
Day One: Act I: Scene IV:

Facepalming himself after what his pal had said about him becoming a porn star, Wes just shook his head in dismay. "Man... She needs help," were his thoughts as more and more people began shuffling past him and Kathy.

"Don't you think I know that Kathy? It's just so odd how it responds to things sometimes... I mean, this morning it beeped part of the song Moves Like Jagger. Tell me, do you know of any school programs that can do that?"

Wes then tilted his head in thought, listening to what Kathy had said about her own virtual pet. Becoming surprised, he took his out again. The little pet was there, just looking content... Until it began dancing on the screen, beeping a few times. That didn't look right at all...

"Yours too huh? Meh, technology nowadays... It amazes me," said Wes, becoming curious about this new development. He then placed the virtual pet back in his pocket, reminding himself to look into it later.

And then Kathy went on about ANOTHER experiment. This caused Wes to facepalm again as he walked up to the cafeteria.

"C'mon. Let's get something to eat before you blow something up."
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