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(OOC: I thought it'd be interesting to include a dream sequence in this post so Kiroku wouldn't just be involved in this post by sleeping through the noise. Enjoy ;p)

Miku flinched as she heard a door slam somewhere close by, and looked out the door to see Kenna walk by. She seemed... hesitant? Maybe a little fearful? Miku wasn't sure, but the disruption caused Kiroku to flinch in his own sleep. And then there came some yelling; no doubt Emil and Josh. By that time, Kiroku was looking a little disturbed, and the village girl glared out into the hall. She took a few step out and saw that Emil was racing by. Perfect timing.

"Keep it down, would you?!" Miku hissed, trying to be as quiet as possible, "Kiroku-kun is trying to sleep!" She was kind of surprised that Josh hadn't been tired, too, but she figured that the magic in him warded off the fatigue. Either way, she returned inside the room without a word more.

As for Kiroku, the boy had been dreaming the whole time. At first it was a simple beach setting; every one was there (even Adriel and Gregory, but they were a lot less hostile) and having fun. Clearly this had to be a dream, Kiroku thought, because there was no way there could be a fun day with everyone getting along. With that, he was able to change the dream to evict everyone except for Miku and Miharu. Now things were a bit more accurate. The three were lounging this time, but the boy was in the middle chair. Maybe it was symbolic, or maybe he was acting as a divider, but he didn't think too much of it.

And then Emil and Josh returned and were yelling at each other like usual. He tried to evict them again, but try as he might it wasn't possible. It wasn't until Miku (the dream Miku; the one right next to him) suddenly said that he was trying to sleep that Kiroku was able to blast the two into the water with the sheer force of his mind. At the same time, some kind of water monster broke through the surface of the ocean and ate both of them at once before returning to the water. Everything went quiet after that; as if none of it happened in the first place.

"Was that really necessary?" dream Miku asked, looking over at him. In the dream her eyes were very specifically detailed.

"Bah, this is my dream, right?" Kiroku asked, reclining back down on the chair, "It doesn't matter what I do to them here; they'll be alive in the physical world and possibly come back the next time I dream if I have another dream of everyone together."

"And I assume you let us stay because you care about us most?" dream Miharu asked, reading a book as she sat there next to the boy. For her, it was her hair that was more detailed. Kiroku guessed he kinda liked the look of it. The same with Miku's eyes...

"Well, yeah," Kiroku said nonchalantly, "I like you both." He felt kind of odd saying it, since he just said it about the two of them. It was possible someone in the outside world would think he wanted to date them both or something, but he really didn't have any regrets to say it in his own mind. After all, the two were both figments of his own imagination. They would understand that he meant that he felt close to both of them. But then, which one did he like more? Miharu, or Miku? It was a really difficult question to answer. Miku was a nice girl and rather fun to socialize with, but he was bonded to Miharu and she had more of a good balance of authority and kindness that put him at ease. There were other reasons to say why he liked them both, but what he didn't know was how Miharu thought of him in the real world. It was easy to guess how Miku felt, but what if Miharu had the same feelings? He didn' want to pick one and break the other one's heart. It sounded much more merciful if he really could pick both without judgement from the outside world. On the other hand, maybe it wasn't as bad as he thought it was. Technically it didn't matter if he had both on the inside. He could--

"I know what you are thinking, and if you dare think it I am going to kill you," dream Miharu said, still reading her book as she directed the naginata Kiroku's way. Kiroku laughed awkwardly as the blade was just inches from his nose. Even in his own dreams Miharu was rather no-nonsense.

"H-hey, no fair. That's my weapon," Kiroku said, dream Miku laughing to herself, "You could at least threaten my life with real Miharu-chan's weapons."

"..." Miharu said nothing as she kept the weapon poised in the same place.

"Fine, fine!! At least let me finish the main point I was trying to make to myself before I feel awkward about it!!" Kiroku pleaded, though that withing itself made his brain hurt a little.

"Fine, go ahead," dream Miharu said as she withdrew the weapon and threw it behind her.

"As I was thinking, it doesn't really matter if I have to be with only one of you out in the real world. Even if I do, I can still love the other in a different way, right?" Kiroku asked turning to each of them individually. Dream Miku and Miharu both answered him when he turned to them.

"Of course," dream Miharu said, smiling as she turned away from her book to actually look at the boy.

"It would be sad to not be the one that you love romantically, but even if that were to happen I would be happy knowing that you love me as a close friend," dream Miku said, also smiling. Both their smiles seemed to put the boy at ease.

"That's good to know," Kiroku said as he sighed heavily, "You both know that had a lot of weight on my mind."

"Ask me when you wake up, Kiroku," dream Miharu said, returning to her book, "Even if I do not feel that way with you, we will still be friends."

"I know," Kiroku said as he closed his eyes, and turned his head to face the sky, "I guess I'm growing up a little; one day at a time. Earth may yet be behind me... some day."

Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]
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