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    Miharu smiled slightly at Miku's hissing, before sidestepping around her.

    "I shall go order a bed now," Miharu stated. "I guess Kiroku does not need one, but I think you would rather not sleep on the floor."

    Miku nodded, smiling. "That'll be nice." She paused slightly. "Are you sure that you're okay with...y'know..."

    Miharu rolled her eyes. "If I was not pleased with it, I would not have told you to go for it."

    "I would," Miku said softly. "Even if it would break my heart, I would."

    Miharu shrugged. "This is why we are different people, Miku-chan."

    Miharu opened the door softly and exited, closing the door behind her softly. As she closed the door and turned around, she bumped into someone. She blushed, tilting her head down. It wasn't like her to miss someone behind her.

    "Oh, I am sorry-"

    "You are a mage, aren't you?"

    Miharu frozed for a split second, before going back to the same posture. "Yes, sir."

    "What is your family name?" sneered her father.

    "Mizushima, sir."

    Her father scoffed. "Trash, then. If you ever soil my clothes again, your family will become bankrupt."

    Miharu bowed her head lower. Please do not recognize me, please do not recognize me... "Yes, sir."

    Her father stalked off, his yukata billowing behind him as he clunked away. Miharu shivered slightly. Thank Kami-sama.

    "****," she muttered in Japanese, before she walked away to order the bed.
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