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    Adria sighed having gotten back to the castle with the others she had told Andre to go ahead to their room and that she would be back later needing to take a walk to clear her head. The day's events where confusing and exhausting but she couldn't rest yet she had to much to think about. She knew the nobles were staying and that meant her father was here. This is not going to turn out well she thought already picturing her fathers reaction to her familiar was not going to be a good one.

    Letting out a sigh Adria closed her eyes as she walked now back in her school uniform when she felt herself bump into someone. Her eyes shot open and she was staring straight up at a man with the same platinum blonde hair color as her. "F-Father I-I'm sorry" she whispered looking down only to be surprised when the man hugged her.

    "It's fine, how's school been going learn any new spells to show your old man?" Gregor Penrose said chuckling a bit "How about your Familiar?"

    Adria looked down knowing better than to lie to her father "I h-haven't cast any spells" she whispered eyes filling with tears as she felt his tight bruising grip on her arm "Y-You'll see my familiar tomorrow father. I-it's late I should be heading back to my room" she whimpered out right before he let her go and stalked off towards were he was staying.

    Adria was still for a moment before she ran back towards her room stopping in the hallway near the door and sitting down crying quietly. She lifted her sleeve and saw the dark bruise on her arm and promptly buried her face in her knees quickly and silently crying herself to sleep outside her room.

    (Sorry this took so long, for the past month I've been pretty ill)

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