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I am alive!

First off, I want to apologize for that (very long!) pause between updates...there was a lot going on in my life, and some of it was the sort I don't really want to talk about. But a lot of good has happened, too - I'm living in a new apartment; got a brand new laptop (no more tinny sound in my videos! ); could find myself employed in the very near future, and best of all, I have a wonderful boyfriend. But you're not here to read about boring old me - let's get to the updates!

As can be seen by watching this video, someone new is traveling with you!

This is Pansy, a Southern Belle Beautifly who can be a bit prone to histrionics - and who is also a bit more interested in your usefulness to her than actually caring about your cause to travel North and save the world. "Delusions of grandeur," she dares to call them! But what does she have such a Beedrill in her bonnet about in the first place?

"Slavers?" What does this mean? If you have a good memory and have followed the thread for a while, you might know a bit about what she's talking about...

And, she can be nasty to you when she wants to be!

I'm not a bottom-feeder. D:

The red-and-gold dungeon backdrop to all this action has a few secrets in store for you as well:

Yeah, I don't like those rocks, either. Just look at 'em. Ugly things.

Our first sighting of human writing in the game. It's actually meant to be Modern English as we know it and speak it, but to these People living hundreds of years in the future, it makes about as much sense as..well, that gibberish we see up there makes to us. Add in the fact that at this stage in the proto-Mystery Dungeon verse, People have not yet developed written language, and it's even more incomprehensible...

Writing in this mysterious language appears throughout the game, and it can be translated if you're clever to reveal all sorts of mysteries of what came before. Braille also appears, which is meant to represent more recent messages left by "Magicians: in the days shortly before - and shortly after - the Flashes. The language of that time is closer to that which is being spoken by characters in the game, and is thus written in a way that is relatively easy for the player to decipher, as a subtle bit of symbolism.

I have no screenshots of this next bit of information, but in this Dungeon you find the first of what I call a "traverse item" - Key Items that can be used to solve puzzles and to explore nooks and crannies for items, secret rooms, and other special stuff. This particular one - the Long Stick - could, for example, be poked into a suspiciously out of place tree to dislodge goodies, as well as for typical dungeon-crawling purposes. Think Zelda, again.

I hope I've given you enough interesting stuff to feed your brains till the next update! And I promise, this time I won't make you wait. ' At least too long. XD
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