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"...but I am not going to let you go." Kenna said.

"Kenna... I don't know what to say..." Josh murmured.

"I can't... I don't know how... I've been used to hurt others before and this time... I know exactly whos using me." Josh turned to face Kenna.

"My father... he knew I would become that thing... he's... a mage, which means that I'm a mage too... but my Dad, he's not the same as me. He can't use my magic, at least not to the extent I can, if thats true and what I used was really void magic... then my Mother was... My mother was the last denizen of the void heritage. That means the woman who raised me isn't my mother and it also means... this is not my first time in this world and if THATS true, than there must be a way for me to go back... if I was gone, then you'd be safe, but.... I... I don't want that... I know I want to keep you safe but I don't want to leave you..." Josh frowned with indecision.

"I didn't expect it to turn out like this, I thought we'd begin to seperate and that would be that, but Emil convinced me that wasn't good enough and I think he may have been right... Kenna I.... I think... I think I love you... how it's possible for me to feel so strongly after such a short ammount of time is beyond me, but I'm almost sure of it... I'm in love with you Kenna... and thats why... thats why I can't bear to hurt you." Josh could feel himself tearing up.
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