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Originally Posted by DavidJCobb View Post
At 0x03005090, there is a list of ASM functions to be executed on every frame of animation. Each entry in the list is a pointer to the routine, some metadata about the list item itself, and thirty-or-so bytes for the routine to work with (so that it may maintain its state).
FINALLY! Finally someone understands the relevance of this list.
I called it callback3-list and all functions that can be in one of it's slots are prefixed with c3_ in my database. The walking routine manager (0x0806E811) is called c3_ash in it. The table with the eight slots (0x083A7310) is named 'ashtable'.

The ash handler calls 'music_play' and 'setmaptile' internally. Once at 0806EB22 (Tile 0x35B) and another time at 0806EAD8 (Tile 0x35A). A subfunction (0806E958) that is called from 0806EA82 and sets some flags.

I didn't know that this is controllable via the 0xA6 command. So thanks for telling.
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