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    Originally Posted by [FONT=Segoe UI
    (I just want to note that no one should be taking this seriously, and to remember that this is just a game. Obviously I swear I hope not no one here wants any of this to happen to someone... though I would have to question how it would happen because this is Pokemon we're speaking of here. xD; )[/FONT]
    And just imagine the pain and suffering if you do go through the punishment. Like its life scarring actions your doing to yourself to save your life. Or be killed either way. didn't really pick what punishment from those two Pokemon sooo I'm gonna make one on the spot and say be killed by it. I say Mewtwo. I'll be soo legendary be killed by Mewtwo.

    Question - Would you rather be immortal and have Wailord eat you, swallow you, go through its stomach and digested system then be pooped out. OR Be immortal (but can feel pain) and have Groudon constantly stomp on you for 24 hours.
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