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Miku watched a little confused as Miharu walked inside all casually, and then broke down into fits of laughter. But then she started asking about the incident in the hallway and started to blush furiously. Had it really been that bad? Miku knew she could be a little crazy when it came to standing up to others, but had she really gone that over-the-top? Then again, she was new to the school. If she didn't establish some sort of persona that would ward any possible bullies away then she would be an open target until she did. She didn't think Kiroku nor Miharu wanted to feel like they were babysitting a social reject or anything.

"Miharu-san-- I had already told them to be quiet, and did you feel that quake from that room? It woke Kiroku up!" Miku defended herself, her face growing a bright red as she looked down at Kiroku. She had to admit she took his nuzzling easier than hearing about her kicking at the door. She found it... cute. Who knew the boy, having already killed enemy soldiers and overthrew a monarch, could look so cute and innocent while he slept? There was no look of trouble in his eyes--

"Welcome back, Miharu-sama," Kiroku greeted from where we rested. He didn't open his eyes nor moved from his place, but he seemed to laugh as he felt the village girl's reaction to his greetings.

"Eep! I thought you were asleep!" Miku cried, trying not to follow her impulse and throw the boy off. Kiroku still didn't move, but he communicated like normal.

"Yeah, you never said I actually had to fall back asleep, but I have been trying. At least until Miharu came in," Kiroku said, smiling as he raised a thumb to his Mage, "It's nice to know you're in positive spirits. I'd move, but I'm so comfortable right now... haahnnnn..." Kiroku reached out and hugged Miku back to keep himself in place. He wasn't going to lie; he liked it. He had a rather dopey smile about him now, and he didn't care. Miku-chaaan~! Read me a story, please! Kiroku thought as he chuckled to himself, No-no wait, that's too much... Wow, didn't realize how hard it would be to try and be whimsical in my own head...

Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]
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