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Hack created by Blue


  • Captures - All Pokemon can now be obtained as a result of standard methods, in-game trades or events.
  • Difficulty - Each individual trainer has had their teams altered to enhance the difficulty of the hack. You will now find that most boss battles involve a full team of Pokemon equip with boosting items and stronger movesets.
  • Evolution - Expanding on the 386 Pokemon concept of the game, many of the evolutions that require two or more games to obtain have been changed to an alternative method. Any changes can be found in the documents.
  • Infinite TMs - With Generation V came a wonderful feature in which TMs no longer disappear! This feature now applies to this hack and TMs can now be used as many times as desired.
  • Move Changes - Some attacks have had slight alterations to their power, PP and/or accuracy.
  • Event Pokemon - You will now be able to encounter specific event Pokemon scattered around Hoenn, this includes Starter Pokemon and Legendaries.
  • Miscellaneous Changes - This includes stat changes, in-game trades, and any other smaller additions which can all be found in the documentation provided.


Check out some snapshots from the game!


Beta 1.5 - Patch & Documents
Alternatively, refer to the attachment(s) below!

Unsure how to patch the ROM correctly? Check out this neat tutorial by destinedjagold - Click Here
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