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As Josh smashed the floor with his fist, Kenna screamed. The dark light that had surrounded Josh faded away as he passed out. Kenna stared at Josh’s limp body with disbelief. How had he destroyed the floor so effortlessly? Kenna was not sure what she was going to do.

Emil came charging in and took a look at the scene. He looked down at Josh and muttered to himself. Kenna untied her hair and wiped the tears of her face. Emil looked at her with soft eyes that were filled with sorrow.

“I can’t let him go Emil, I won’t.” Kenna whispered.

“Shh.” Emil said quietly and walked over to her side.

He helped her stand up. They walked and sat down on her bed. Kenna looked up to Emil and gave him a tight smile. He smiled back and then wrapped his arm around her shoulder. She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

“Do you think that all of this might have turned out better if I was more like Tristan?” Kenna suddenly asked.

“You are becoming more and more like him each passing day.”

“If I was, I would be able to make smart decisions and help people, not cause them pain.” She opened her eyes and gestured to Josh’s body.

“You are your own person Ken. Why do you want to be so much like Tristan?” Emil asked gently.

“Because everyone expects me to.” Kenna raised her voice and then sighed.

“I remember when me and Tristan were kids, your mother had just told us both that she was pregnant with you. Tristan was literally waiting on her hand and foot because he was so excited.” Emil smiled at the memory.

“Really?” Kenna giggled.

“Yeah, it was quite amusing actually. Then when you were born, I did not see him for a full week because he refused to leave his house because he wanted to just hold you or spend time with you. After a while, he came out because I told him that I would buy him cookies. He used to love cookies.”

“Cookies have always been his weak spot.” Kenna agreed.

“I remember our first day of school. We were walking along the side of the path and I tripped into a huge puddle of water. I busted my lip and was freezing cold so Tristan gave me his jacket without a second thought. In the end, we broke out a game of tag with the rest of the students.”

“He was always so kind to everyone.”

Suddenly there was a bang on her door but Kenna ignored it.

"Help me get Josh onto his bed so he can rest well.” Emil sighed.

He stood up and gestured for Kenna to do the same. She stood up and grabbed Josh’s feet with Emil took his arms. They both carefully moved him to his bed of straw and let him rest there. Kenna quickly grabbed a blanket and put it over him. She walked back to her bed but she tripped on a brick and feel over. She picked herself up and sighed. It was going to be hard cleaning this up.

“It is like looking after Tristan all over again.” Kenna smiled as Emil sat down beside her.

“What do you mean Ken?” Emil asked.

“Remember when I was 8 and you brought Tristan home drunk?” Kenna asked.

“Oh yeah, I remember that day.”

“When you left, I just stared at him. He was passed out on our sofa. I grabbed a blanket from my room and put a bin near him. I put the blanket over him and as I did, he woke up. He looked at me briefly and then he grabbed the bin. He pukes his guts out over and over again that night. I just sat there and watched him. When he finally stopped, I got him a drink of water. I returned to find him with his head over the bin but he was not puking. I passed him the drink and he drank it really fast before passing out again. I looked after him that night and now I am looking after Josh in a similar way.” Kenna explained, Emil just listened to her story and nodded.

“Josh reminds me of Tristan in some ways.” Emil looked down at Josh.

“How so?” Kenna asked.

“They both wanted to protect you. As do I.” Emil explained.

“I can’t let him go Emil.” Kenna whispered as she pulled her old friend towards her so she could hug him.

Emil did not say anything, he hugged her back and they stayed like that for a while. Kenna’s eyes began to drop and she sighed. Emil looked at her and the smiled. He moved back and grabbed Kenna’s shoulders. He carefully laid her down and grinned.

“You need to sleep Ken.” Emil said.

Kenna nodded and closed her eyes. The blackness was relaxing and peaceful. There was one thing she wanted to ask before she went to sleep though, she opened her eyes and looked at Emil.

“What are we supposed to do now?” She whispered.
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