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    Emil looked at Kenna, she lay on the bed with her eyes slowly drifting closed, Josh lay beside her he seemed to be in more of a trance than a sleep.

    “What are we supposed to do now?” Kenna whispered.

    Emil looked at her biting his lip, he didn't know how to respond.


    Josh floated in a strange blackness, completely empty accept for the occasional burst of red lighning.

    "Joshua..." a voice whispered, a voice that seemed strangely familiar.

    "Do not fear... you will not have to deal with them for much longer... now awaken..."

    "No. I change my mind I don't want that." Josh murmured.

    "You have no choice in the matter, awaken my child, for soon you and I will meet again."

    Josh barely even aknowledged the voice as the blackness around him began to burst into light..

    “What are we supposed to do now?” Kenna whispered.

    Joshs eyes were open but only slightly, he didn't want his awakening to be realised.

    "I don't know Kenna..." Emil said.

    "Theres nothing I can say..."

    "But theres something I can say..." Josh said he reached over and grabbed Kennas hand.

    "I didn't know if I was going to hurt you before... I couldn't know but I've realised that running away won't help. If I really care about you, then how could I ever hurt you?" Josh asked.

    "Kenna. I couldn't, I could never even think about hurting you. Not ever. I don't even want to go home anymore... I want to stay with you. If you'll have me... and if poncy head doesn't mind having a roommate for a little longer." Josh smirked.

    "Haha! Thats the spirit you stupid brute! Looks like all you needed was rest to clear your head." Emil smirked.

    "Its more than that, I realised that if given the oppurtunity to leave... I could never bring myself to do it..." Josh smiled.

    "So Kenna... whataya say? Let me be your familiar... for a little while... longer?...zzzzz" Josh had fallen asleep.

    Emil smiled.

    "Just like him to not stay awake for more than five seconds... Looks like you've got your answer Kenna." Emil put his hand on her shoulder.

    "Everythings going to be fine... now get some rest... I've gotta go see the headmaster about my new job." Emil walked to the door and closed it behind him as he left.

    He hoped Kenna would be Ok as he proceeded down the hall.
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