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Originally Posted by justinrpg View Post
a few things I'm wondering about on SoulSilver....

1) where do you find the cerulean city gym leader?

2) I got the upgrade for the radio card, but there is no PokeFlute on it like there was on the original Silver, so how do I wake up the Snorlax?

3) I got the generator up and running at the power plant, but I cannot get on the Magnet train, where do I get a trainPass?
1 - Do the Power Plant part subquest first (so power is running...which you already did, so). Then go to Cerulean Cape, by Bill's Kanto house and you'll find her there.

2 - The Pokeflute needs to be 'selected' manually on the radio. Use the stylus/finger/etc to select it - it's at the top part and a touch to the left.

3 - Go to the CopyCat girl in Saffron in the house a bit south of the train station. After talking to her, go forth to Vermillion - I'll leave the rest to you.