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It wasn't that the days were dull, it was that they were so expected. That was the way Travis Azrael saw them. Ever since he had obtain his physical form many years ago, he would often frequent it in the city of New York, a human ingenuity, they say. Yet, Travis wasn't entirely impressed. Every day, he would see the humans go about their daily business in a singular pattern, and every day that passed turned out to be the same as the last. The humans went to the same locations, did the same things, and talked to relatively the same people. Travis didn't like it. The Humans were like their "minions" in a way, true, as they fed off the darkness in them, but that doesn't mean Travis had to like them.

But Travis knew his duty. The ideals of his family coarsed through his veins like a drug. Duty to the Darkness Kingdom, beyond any other, was one of his principles. Such devotion was unexpected, especially when coming from an individual like Travis. If you were to be with him for a while, you'd know. His unique sense of honor, duty, and respect was marred by his seemingly enjoyment of enemy torture, distress, and pain, all while he kept a very pleasant smile on his face.

It came as no surprise then that Travis Azrael walked the streets of New York with a similar smile, hidden behind his dark sunglasses, and a black dress suit, complete with black dress pants, shoes, a jacket, and a white undershirt. Tie not included. His hair was a medium-spikey, combed back. When many humans looked at him in this form, he appeared to be a member of their Central Intelligence Agency, or perhaps a Hitman. But the thing they were most uncomfortable with was his smile. Humans didn't know, they couldn't know. But many just knew he was bad news. They just didn't know how bad.

Travis walked along the streets, when he felt something, something that seemed to shake his very being for a moment. Travis walked out of the artificial light of the street lights, and turned into a corner, down an alley. There, his power was most prominent, and there, in the shadows and darkness, he heard. His body was motionless as he felt the very unique, yet slightly familiar feeling of something he hadn't experienced in a long time.

Light Angels had entered the realm of the Humans. His realm Their realm. Travis smiled brightly. This, he knew, would definitely be a change in pace.

But Travis felt something else while sensing in the deep darkness of the alley. He knew he had allies around. Fellow Darkness Kingdom Angels who also had a physical form. It would be wise to seek them out. Coming out of the darkness of the alley, Travis walked out with a smile, the hint of longing replaced with a renewed excitement. Light Angels had arrived, and Travis was going to have some fun.

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