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    "First you fry my hand and now you make me use it. I think I have Stockholm Syndrome more thank anything," Kiroku muttered to himself as he rubbed his hand gingerly. His face was still rather red, as he was sure he didn't touch Miku like that, but now the idea was in his head. If he was going to get in trouble for it, he might as well have tried for it... Wow, that was just naughty. Thank you Miharu, now I'm a creep, Kiroku thought to himself as he walked over to the side of the bed unattended and picked it up. Miharu seemed to smirk as she lifted it as well and pushed the bed into the room. She knew he was thinking how she wanted him to.

    "Kiroku, stop fantasizing and put some hustle into it," Miharu said as Miku smiled to herself and watched the two banter on. Kiroku gritted his teeth as he tugged on the bed harder. He let himself bump his back against the wall and promptly dropped his side of the bed.

    "Oops," Kiroku yawned as Miharu frowned, "how clumsy. My bad." He side-stepped out from between the wall and the bed before the mage could slam him in between the two or something. Miku sighed as she pouted slightly. She forgot he was rather conscious of what the two thought of him. That and he had free reign over himself within reason; she guessed he was one to question one's authority over him from time-to-time. At the same time, though, Kiroku bent down to lift from the side and helped Miharu put it into place.

    "Yay! Way to go, Kiroku!" Miku cheered, hugging the boy as he stood up, "See? No need to be so cranky!" Kiroku's teeth gritted harder as he heard the village girl. He wasn't hearing her exactly, though. When the girl said "cranky," he immediately looked in the mirror and saw a different female behind him. She was a few inches shorter than him, and with long black hair. Her smile seemed happy enough, but the eyes-- those eyes-- said something else. They were cold and filled with ridicule. He was being seen as lesser. Not again. Not this time.

    Kiroku threw Miku off him... literally. He grabbed her arm and swung her over his shoulder; letting her back hit the new bed. She was perfectly fine, no injuries at all, but the act shocked the village girl. She laid there frozen as she looked at an upside-down Kiroku. "Don't you condescend to me... like I'm some sort of child!!" he growled, a fierce look in his eyes as he glared at the two with malice, "I don't need this! You're always there in my shadow; waiting for him to strike first so you can hit harder! What kind of parent is that?!" Clearly he was channeling something else, but Miku couldn't help but feel guilty as the boy huffed heavy breaths in his rage. He almost seemed to be about to cry-- his hands tense and trying hard to grip themselves.

    "Kiroku... Kiroku snap out of it!!" Miku cried, reaching out and grabbing one of his arms. It took a second to register, but when the boy saw Miku on the bed grabbing his arm his eyes began to refocus.

    "... I'm sorry; I got out of hand there," Kiroku apologized, his free hand covering the corresponding side of his face. A massive headache had erupted as the rage subsided, and the memory of that woman over his shoulder refused to leave from behind his eyes. "I guess I'm tired; I'll go to bed now."

    "Kiro-kun--" Miku tried to say, but cut herself short as the boy turned and walked to his own bed. He slumped down and curled himself up to go to bed; facing away from both Miharu and Miku. But every time he closed his eyes, the same image became dominant and was the only thing he could see with his mind's eye. Miku turned to Miharu. Maybe it was nothing, but it sure didn't seem like nothing to him. The village girl was completely freaked out.

    "M-Miharu-sama... what was that...?"

    Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]
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