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    Aurore sighed to herself as she sat at her desk. Usually school had her entire focus, but not today. She had been having a weird feeling for almost a week now. A bad vibe as most call it. But she had no idea what it was.

    "Aurore? Are you paying attention" A harsh voice snapped through her thoughts and when she looked up Aurore was looking right at her math tutor.

    "Y-Yes Mr. Simmons I was paying attention" she stuttered out shyly looking back down at her desk as the ruler smacked it.

    "Let me ask again Miss Molyneux. What is the area of a circle with a diameter of seven" Mr. Simmons asked arms crossed staring the young girl down.

    What do you need math for your better than this! a voice rang through her head making her wince and say the first numbers she could think of earning yet another sigh from her tutor.

    "our hours up. We'll try this again next week your free to go" he said sitting at his desk and Aurore quickly gather her books and papers running out of the school.

    What was that voice in my head? she thought walking quickly through the crowded streets of New York. She shook her head brushing her chestnut brown hair out of her face. "I should be getting home" she muttered walking along having no idea she was being followed.

    (OOC: Cliff hanger post if anyone wants feel free to be whoever or whatever is following her)

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