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    I'm still new to this so feel free to point out any mistakes I made.

    Name: Jonathan Hughes

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Jonathan looks like the average everyday man. He stands at 5'7" and has a small pot belly due to his 2 years of sitting behind a desk. He has brown hair, brown eyes, and sports a clean shaven face.

    Jonathan dresses up for any occassion dealing with work and will usually wear a long sleeve white shirt, always tucked in, paired with a long sleeve black coat along with his black slacks and black shoes. In the left inner pocket of his coat he carries a child's drawing although he rarely shows it to anyone he doesn't trust. He carries his badge with him wherever he goes as well as a concealed handgun strapped to his left calf. The only things in his pockest are his cell phone, wallet, and the only pokeball he owns.

    Personality: Jon tends to distrust men and women that sport tattoos or any other sign of gang-related activity and will tend to keep a watchful eye on them, even if there is no evidence of any wrong doing on their part. Around adults he tend to blunt and to the point, but not to a hostile degree unless they have earned it. Children are really the only ones that Jon will talk to with a genuine sense of a caring attitude.

    The main issue plauging Jon is his being able to trust. He is very slow on building friendships and will make sure that he will be able to trust anyone 100% before he will call them a friend. This attitude has caused him to be considered a hermit by his neighbors and collegues as he will usually not socialize with them due to this.

    Many times when Jon is under a great deal of stress he will often find it hard to sleep, even with Morpheus' help and so he will stay awake through the night. Whenever this happens Jon will tend to be aggressive and sarcastic throughout the day.

    History: Jonathan was born and raised in Vermilion City. Growing up Jon had always wanted to become an officer of the law and when he finally became 18 he joined the Vermilion City police department. While he was an officer he took part in his share of petty crimes but it was when he agreed to work undercover in a drug operation and help bust it was when he was promoted in rank to detective.

    As a detective Jon saw more than he bargained for. He was assigned to murder cases, rape cases, and many other gruesome things that lurked in his city. After two years of working cases the job had finally worn him down and he quit, instead starting his own small time detective agency to help solve petty crimes. It was only two months into the job when Jon was approached by a little girl for a job when his life was changed forever. Soon after the case Jon toughened up considerably and once again dived into crimes he could not stomach before, even working with the police to solve major cases. It was also during this time that Jon began to experience nightmares almost every night. The nightmares plagued him so much that he ended up taking sleeping pills to ease his sleep. One day he was found on his floor, having overdosed on his pills. He was hospitalized and sent to therapy to help him cope with his problems.

    At his therapist's suggestion Jon sought out a pokemon to take him mind off of the nightmares. Jon bought a hypo and named him Morpheus. Morpheus helped Jon not only with his problems at night, but also became a sidekick to the detective helping him solve cases and even accompanying him to crime scenes. Morpheus is perhaps one of the very few beings that has truly gained Jon's trust thanks to their close bond.

    Two years ago Jon left Vermilion City to set up his business in Pallet Town. After hearing about the mysterious murder and the history behind it Jon had decided to crack the case for his own personal reasons.


    Pokemon Name: Morpheus

    Species: Hypno

    Age: 6

    Appearance: Morpheus looks like the average hypno, albeit with a calm demeanor even in the face of danger.

    Moves: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic, Confusion, Disable

    All question will be answered in time.
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