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Focus Shift: A New Awakening [R-16]

“I let my focus shift, that’s all there is to it. Now you try.”

For background information, go here.
For Out Of Character thread, go here.


The world burned before my very eyes. The Pokemon and Human civilization that has stood for so many years had been wiped clean off of the face of the Earth; nothing remained. Wounded, I surveyed my surroundings to find the barren mountain top littered with the bodies of my comrades. Next to me, Harley lay motionless, not even a breath of air escaped nor entered her lips, her Catalyst lying only a couple of meters away; their fingers just barely touching. Miharu and her Espeon lay at the foot of the altar; their bodies twined and barely recognisable from the onslaught they had so bravely fought against. Josh was nowhere to be seen amongst the slaughter, a vague memory of him being flung off of Mount Coronet with Odessa spread through my mind like wild fire. Raike lay just behind Miharu; he along with his Catalyst Raven had been the first to die at the hands of the traitor, a sword wound slicing deep into his side from protecting his Umbreon from being hit. I tried not to look at Kris’ mangled body; his was by far the worst.

Tears now flowed freely from my eyes as I pulled myself along the stone plateau towards the dying body of my faithful Houndoom. My left arm lay limp against the ground, caked in blood, sweat and dirt; the tendons and muscles long since severed beyond repair. She whimpered quietly, looking at me with those dark and foreboding, yet caring eyes. Her body was in far worse condition than my own; and I inwardly cursed myself for letting her get like this. I should have saved her when I had the chance; I should have realised the most obvious fact before my eyes before I lead them into this trap. Now as the only one alive, I felt incredibly guilty for leading them like lambs to the slaughter.

I felt a sharp pain as an old blade cut through my back, severing parts of my spine and ripping open organs as it passed through my body. I was now paralysed and dying slowly as I watched the world die and our enemy make his way into my field of vision. Kneeling on his knees, Kellyn lifted up my head so I could look into those cold, dark eyes of his; the same eyes that had help so much promise when I first met him. In the background, a corrupted Arceus lay dead atop the altar and a bloodied Giratina in Origin Forme floating menacingly above it.

It wasn’t his fault; Kellyn was not born to be evil, he had been corrupted, his actions not of his own doing but that of the puppet master whom carefully controlled and manipulated him. I should have noticed, I should have realised at the start but I was too caught up in my ‘save the world’ mind set to realise something small and insignificant that would be our downfall.

The light faded from my eyes and I slipped from the burnt husk of a world I had previously inhabited and fought for. I watched as the images of my friends and comrades dying burned into my skull; my very last memory of them and of everything.

Sweat beaded itself down my forehead as I lay in sweat soaked sheets. Pitch lay beside my bed, head raised and fur bristling searching for signs of trouble. The dream felt all too real; I could still feel the blade in my back and my arm hanging limply by my side and the images of my friends dying one by one playing in my head like a movie reel. I realised for the first time in my life how important I actually was. Throwing on clothes and a satchel of supplies, I headed outside into the crisp, early morning air. The sun rose before my very eyes; the same sun that had set on the world I had lived in my dreams. I was determined not to let my dreams come into fruition. But knowing what was going to happen now means the rules have changed and the people I once knew may not be the same. Even I have changed in ways vastly different to my previous self. Perhaps now I could prevent the end of the world.


Only select species of Pokémon have the chance to be a catalyst and even within those species, it is very rare for a Catalyst to exist. Like their Human counterparts, Catalysts cannot shift between the Contemporary Realm and the Aether Realm but it is heavily suspected that they live in both Realms simultaneously. They essentially act as the fulcrum for their Human counterparts to both enter and exit the Aether Realm. Catalyst are said to be the ‘other half’ of a Shifter’s soul, and as such it is by this connection that Shifters and Catalysts can find each other. Catalysts are often very loyal and very protective of their Shifter and will do anything to protect them. Catalysts are usually born at the same time as their Shifter but sometimes no more than one day before or after.

This is the act where a select person (called a Shifter) uses his/her Pokémon (called a Catalyst) as a fulcrum to essentially shift from the Contemporary Realm into the Aether Realm and back. When shifting, a Shifter’s consciousness is moved from the Contemporary Realm where it would otherwise permanently exist, to the Aether Realm. In the Aether Realm, normal people are seen as ghostly images, speculated as ‘souls’ whilst a Shifter sees their body and other Shifters’ bodies as what they would be like in the Contemporary Realm. Shifting is seen as the only way (currently) to get from one realm to the other, excluding the portal to the Distortion World in Turnback Cave, Sinnoh.

Shifters are people, who with the help of a Pokémon know as a “Catalyst”, can shift between the Contemporary Realm and the Aether Realm. They are very rare and make up less than 1% of the world’s total population. Shifters usually become aware of their powers at the age of fifteen, and this usually involves a shift into the Aether Realm with their Catalyst. Sifters are usually born at the same time as their Catalyst but no more than one day before or after. Unlike Catalysts, Shifters only exist in the one realm, using their shifting abilities to jump from one realm to the other.

Calling/The Call:
The Call; or the act of Calling is the instance where a Shifter sends a message through the Aether Realm to other Shifters out there. The Call can be received in the Aether Realm and in the Contemporary Realm but can only be sent from the Aether Realm. If not directed specifically to someone (by visualising them with the Shifters mind whilst sending them call), it ends up spreading throughout the Aether Realm (much like ripples on a lake when a stone is dropped in the water). Catalysts are usually the ones who catch the signal transmission due to their simultaneous existence in both realms, and act as transceivers; catching the signal of the call and transmitting it to their human through the bond that they share. This transmitting is usually done through both Catalyst and Shifter locking eyes. The Call can come in different forms; for most it is a series of images relating to the message, but for some individuals I can be different.

The Origin Blade:
A weapon of myth suggested to be crafted from pieces of the elemental plates of Arceus; it retains to ability to severely injure legendary Pokemon, not to the point of death, but to a state where they are close to dying. Only a single Shifter possess’ the ability to wield this object at any given time. A mythic weapons such as this is lost to the annals of history; its location unknown to even the most powerful of Pokemon. Myths also state that after it was created and used, it was split apart into seventeen pieces that were scattered across the world in time and space.

Death Walking:
An ability only available to one Shifter at a time, it allows the possessor to walk where no other Shifter can; Death. Very difficult to master, yet incredibly powerful, the user can walk through the Death Realm without having previously died and without harm to themselves or their Catalyst. The ability itself requires immense amounts of power from the user, meaning that this ability can take a huge toll on that person; something that shouldn’t be done often. Despite this fact, the Death Walker is perhaps one of the most important Shifters.

Dual Vision:
Another ability that can only be possessed by one Shifter at any given time, it allows the possessor the ability to looking into both the Contemporary and Aether Realm simultaneously. Gained as if by accident but entirely coincidental; the ability can drive people mad. By concentrating through one eye, the user can see through either realm depending on which eye is in which, however if not concentrating the user can see both at the same time, more often than not causing problems in movement and sight.


Aether Realm:
This realm exists close to our conscious Contemporary Realm. It mostly exists as a grey, hazy world where buildings and nature become transparent and shimmering, ghostly images of people and Pokémon appear; this is speculated to be their Spirit, hence the name of the realm. There is no weather in the Aether Realm, this includes wind. Pokémon known as Catalysts are said to live in both the Contemporary Realm and Aether Realm simultaneous but this too is highly speculated. When moving from the Human Realm to the Aether Realm, Shifters take their bodies with them meaning that when they Shift out of the Aether Realm into the Human Realm, they effectively teleport somewhere else. There is no sound in the Aether Realm however it has been noted that both Pokémon and humans can talk in this realm through some sort of telekinesis. It has been speculated that in some cases, people have been able to converse with their Pokémon, however there is no evidence to back this theory up. It is sometimes confused with the Distortion World of Giratina, due to its oddly different environment, but it is something completely different.

Contemporary Realm:
The realm that we see around us; this realm holds our consciousness’ as well as our physical bodies. Here is where humanity and Pokémon have flourished and lived. Most people here are not able to shift between the realms; possibly even less than 1% of the world’s population can ‘shift’ into other dimensions or possesses knowledge of other existing dimensions. The Contemporary Realm is where our physical bodies exist, whereas the Aether Realm is said to be where our ‘souls’ exist, moving in relation to where our physical bodies move. When travelling to the Aether Realm, a Shifter’s body is thought to go into some sort of ‘Limbo”, waiting for the Shifter to reappear which is effectively teleportation.

Death Realm:
A dark and lonely realm that is only accessible to the dead and Death Walker is where both Pokemon and Human souls come to rest. Shrouded in thick pitch blackness with no light to speak of, the realm is home to millions of dead souls that wander the endless emptiness. Only a Death Walker may come to this realm and ultimately return, but their soul is a beacon for those lost souls wandering aimlessly so swiftness is essential. If a Death Walker stays down here for too long, they will wear the penalty upon returning to the Contemporary Realm.


• All Pokecommunity RP Forum rules apply to this RP.
• Being active is a big part of it; no activity = dead RP.
• Descriptive passages makes for better reading. This includes length; nothing is too long.
• Proper structure is a must; again it makes for better reading.
• Bunnying or Godmodding or anything like that not permitted unless the other person has agreed and I am notified.
• Proper grammar is much appreciated; spell check is a part of Microsoft Word for a reason.
• Remember this is my RP, if you are inactive without reason for a long period of time, you will be booted out. The same goes for disregarding of the rules. I am God of this RP.
• Following on, inactivity of more than one week without notification will result in dismissal; however you may be welcomed back if you have a good excuse.

>Name: (Full name please)
>Age: (Between 15 and 21)
>Gender: (Male/Female)
Physical: 1+ paragraph (What their basic features are: hair, weight, height, ethnicity, etc.)
Clothing: 1+ paragraph (What do they wear on most occasions?)
>Personality: 2+ paragraphs (how they act, what they are like, etc.)
>History: 2+ paragraphs (Just remember, this is what has happened up until now.)
>RP Sample: (Anything goes; I just want to see your skills.)

>Name: (entirely optional)
>Gender: (Male/Female)
>Species: (Choose one: Espeon/ Umbreon/ Houndoom/ Mightyena/Zoroark)
>Personality: 1+ paragraph (just a quick paragraph on what they are like, how they act, etc.)
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