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Wow, thanks for the fast reply, PlatinumDude! n_n
Thanks for explaining it, I didn't know what to put there, to be honest.

Now, on to the Pokémon themselves..

Serperior - Thanks for that. I've got a few Heart Scales in my bag, so, I'll reteach her Coil. I'm pretty sure she loves me enough for Return, but, I assume Rock Smash would give some coverage for Ice?
Scolipede - That's doable. As I said earlier, I have a few Heart Scales in my bag.
Emboar - I think I can go with Grass Knot. However, may I ask the purpose of the Life Orb?
Swoobat - Yes, it's awful. However, it was the first Flying-type that I caught and I will change it out for Sigilyph. Do you think you could offer up a suggestion for that?
- Thanks! n_n That's perfectly doable. However, is the an alternative to Explosion?
Hydreigon - That's doable as well. I can teach it Earthquake, reteach it Crunch, and let it learn Outrage.

Once again, thank you for the suggestions!