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Adlan Zaidi
New York City

Adlan walked down the streets of New York city. Or what was once New York, anyway. The Anti-Gods, a gang residing in this city, had taken over most of the western section. They had also taken Adlan's girlfriend, and his sisters. Adlan was not one to hold a grudge, but this just couldn't be let off. The thought of what happened that day was so terrible that it caused him to grip his gun even harder. In both anger and sadness, the boy strode on. His Mission was simple: Destroy the Anti-Gods. This was a suicide mission, but Adlan could think of no better way to commit suicide than this.
he came to a halt when he heard a snicker behind him. He placed his finger of the trigger of his Flintlock and turned behind him. There was a man, dressed raggedly in a torn leather jacket and a pair of ragged blue shorts, no shoes, and a face like a toad. He stood straight on two legs, as if nothing had happened to him, but his shoulders were gushing with blood. And there were bullet holes in the brown, unprofessional-looking suitcase he was holding. Adlan guessed that he had been assaulted by a couple of gangsters, be it from Anti-Gods or another. The man approached Adlan, limping on one leg, the left leg. It was apparent that the right leg had received a few wounds as well. "" As he finished saying this, he collapsed in front of Adlan, who had no idea what to do with him. He rolled the man over, and saw his nametag. "Cornelius Armstrong" it said. Apparently he was an executive for a big company. He was rather tall and skinny, but practically everyone was so in these times. Adlan picked the man up, although he was surprisingly heavy, and brought him into a building, a deserted building. Or was it?

It was a hotel. The doorman wasn't there, in fact, not a sound could be heard from inside. The main hall was huge, like the hall of a mall. It had a glass roof and was in the shape of a dome. Fancy chairs stood toppled everywhere, decorated with ornate swirly designs, the tables were much the same, toppled and beautiful, but the sofas stood perfect, unscathed. Plants were cut in half everywhere, their top halves rotting on the floor. All across the floor where the register was were keys, keys thrown everywhere. Adlan heaved the man over his shoulder and looked at one, it had a tag on it that said "ROOM 0512." Adlan decided to take it, and head off to room 0512.

0512 was a big room, like its neighbors, it was about the size of Adlan's old living room, it had a red desk attached to the wall, and two beds next to each other, with only a leg-worth's space between them. Each had two pillows and were queen sized. The mattresses were held up by an ornate oak bed, Adorned with swirly designs like the chairs in the main hall. Aside from this, the room was still-well kept, but there ceased to be any other furniture in the room. Unless you count a TV as furniture, in which case there was a big plasma TV placed upon the wall above the red, long desk. Adlan finally deposited the man onto one of the beds, his shoulders had started aching from lifting the man, Cornelius. The man, despite not getting any special treatment, was getting far better. His skin had become a little darker, as opposed to its horribly pale state before, and the bleeding had stopped slightly. Adlan could even make out a slight smile on Cornelius' face. He plopped himself down onto a bed of his own, and closed his eyes. However, as much as he tried, he could not get to sleep. The face of Cornelius popping up behind him was too terrible. He had the same horrid expression as Adlan had when he lost his friends. Maybe he had recently lost someone.

Adlan lifted himself from his bed and looked down at a DVD player that he had failed to notice. He flicked on the light switch and began to look across the collection of DVDs, among the rabble he found one titled "SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS SEASON 1" He inserted one of two disks into the DVD player and grabbed the remote placed on top of it. So, while the stranger Cornelius slept and Adlan watched, Spongebob and Patrick babbled on into the night.
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