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    Mars smiled as the human ran, it amused him to see her attempt to escape, however she was a human and he was an angel. She had no chance in hell of getting away.

    Mars coiled his chain around his wrist, letting the spikes tear through his own flesh and relishing in the pain it sent coursing through his body. His smile spreading as droplets of blood dripped from his arm.

    He charged forward and used his angelic speed to easily appear in front of the girl.

    "If I was you my sweet, I'd simply give up and pray to the almighty my passing be quick... because theres no way you have any chance of escaping!" Mars launched his chain towards the girls face but stopped it moments before it collided. He had come to a sadistic realization.

    If he killed her now... his fun would be over. He realized then, his fun came from the torturing and the fear he brought to his prey before his bloodlust devoured their escense. Instead if he tortured and terrified his victim, but never killed them, his bloodlust would be constantly fulfilled. If this was done with something that could fight back, like another angel he would be in danger. But a human?

    That could never harm him.

    He retracted his chain, and held his scythe under the humans chin, if she moved he would finish her. This human would be his pet, an instrument he could use, an instrument he could torture and use to fulfill his bloodlust, an infinite stream of fulfillment. A sadistic grin spread across Mars face.

    He pulled an item from his pocket, it was a black amulet with a large crack in its center, it occasionally glowed a blood red. He held it out to the human.

    "You're very lucky my sweet, I've decided to let you live, in fact I've decided on more than that. I'm whats known by you humans as an angel of darkness or as a false term "fallen" angel." Mars spread his black wings as if to prove who he really was.

    "This amulet... it will bind my soul directly to yours and you'll never be able to remove it should you, or should I say "when" you put it on, it will drain the life from your body and filter it into me, it will turn your pain into energy and feed me, however it will never come close to killing you." Mars smiled with fake sympathy.

    "But never fear my sweet... in return for this service I will become, as you would say, your... guardian angel. I'll protect you because if you die I lose my fulfilment." Mars finished pushing the amulet closer to the girl.

    "If you refuse, you die. If you somehow remove the amulet, you die. If you defy me, well I'm sure you can figure that out yourself. Now I understand this must be very shocking and terrifying for you, but to be honest I don't care..." Mars smirked evily.

    "So my sweet..." Mars put more pressure on the scythe underneath the girls chin.

    "Life or death? Work with me or I murder you in cold blood." The angel of darkness smiled unchangingly at the girl slowly putting more pressure on his cythes blade, waiting for the girls answer.
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