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    Faling. That was what this was. It certainly wasn't flying. Flying was spreading your wings and soaring all over the place. This was like a rock. As far as Elsie Cassiel was concerned, it wasn't very fun. It never was. Actually, she was slightly uncomfortable. That was mean. Virtual gaming was not supposed to hurt. Would she go splat when she hit the ground and have a game over? That was a very scary thought, very scary. It was too soon for that though... right? Hey... the grey below her feet was getting bigger-!


    "Ow..." Elsie whined as she sat up from the ground, rubbing her head, white hair falling all over her face. Impact on concrete equaled painful. Did that make her lose HP? Aw... Oh no wait it didn't. Yay! Looking down, Elly let out a worried cry as quietly as she could. She had made a crater! Well, it was a small crater but still... All around her were voices, adult voices and children screams sounding panicky. Humans never reacted well to a small crater appearing out of nowhere. "Oh no, " she mumbled. She had done something wrong. And they knew it was her.

    "Elly calm down," a voice snarled from next to her. Elly opened her bag to see a stuffed dragon peering at her irritably. He didn't need to breathe, but it was still cramped in there, especially with those silly switchblades. Fio the sparkly purple dragon popped his plushie head out of the bag and blinked his yellow eyes at her. "Don't be a noob," he scolded with a scowl, the grumpy goose. "You have sneak on remember? They can't see you yet."

    Elsie blinked and nodded. "Oh yeah..." Before she could do that, a soft voice entered her ears.

    "Greetings Cassiel," greeted a low voice in her head. "It is time to begin. Take this." A small light appeared in her hands, forming into a device like a hearing aid. "Keep that transmitter in your ear," it said. "Good luck child." She frowned as the feeling of a hand on her shoulder disappeared. Good luck... is this a hard level or something?

    She decided not to worry about it and brushed her white-blue hair back. Then her eyes caught the city around her and she stared. "WOW!" Elly cried. "It's shiny out here!" She never really thought about it until today. Then, without warning, her eyes caught sight of a strange sign. It was a giant silver apple with a bite out of it! Who made a place like that? Oh well she had to go see! Elsie closed her eyes and felt her wings fading away. Then her whole body felt warmer as she slipped into the crowd of people. Was this what it was like? She didn't try this that often.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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