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    A blood sacrifice
    "Excelent..." Mars muttered, he forcefully grabbed the girls hand and put it on the amulet, it rested on top of it and Mars held it from the bottom.

    "This may sting a little, but it's necesary, like signing a contract." Mars took a small engraved knife from his pocket and drove it through the girls hand, it pierced straight through, slid through the amulets crack and drove through Mars' own hand, mixing there blood.

    "Hahaha! HAHAHAHAHA! Now human, you belong to me! You're mine!" Mars pulled the knife from its place and blood dripped onthe floor. The amulet as if taking a life of its own jumped up and wrapped itself around the girls neck.

    Mars stood back and wiped the blood on his cloak, he took a dirty mottled bandage and wrapped it around the girls gash. He let his own drip blood.

    "Now we are bound, you will feed me and I will protect you... you are my servant and I am your master, you give me satisfaction and in return I keep you safe and living. You're like my pet, that is the relationship we have, I can be... somewhat kind, when I wish it girl, as I do not care for your name, I will simply adress you as I have been up to this point. Should you defy me I will punish you... however you seem like a smart girl so Im sure you won't." Mars smiled mockingly.

    "I do not wish others of your kind to see me, however I have naught else to do so I will accompany you..." Mars said.

    "Usually a Guardian angel is said to be the light that guides you, but I am an angel of darkness so instead..."

    Mars' body began to sink into the ground and seep into the girls shadow, its shape changing into his rather than hers, yet it still followed her every move.

    "I shall be the shadow that stalks you..." Mars' voice echoed from what seemed like nowhere, however due to the words nature, only the girl could hear it.

    "Now let us leave, this place bores me and the amulet already begins to sate my lust for blood... I do not care where we go, so let us just go to wherever your headed. If I'm lucky we may meet some of my targets, those I have been sent here to ravage and destroy... or perhaps one of my associates, another ofmy kind... either way let use depart!" Mars ordered, his plan had folded out just as quickly as he had thought it up, the humans fear aswell as the amuets power meant she would only disobey if she had serious ammounts of willpower...

    A fact in which Mars seriously doubted.
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