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    Aurore let out a cry of pain as the knife went through her hand and more tears fell. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. As he pulled the knife out the amulet went around her neck by itself but Aurore didn't touch it for more than a second just long enough to tuck it into her shirt to avoid being asked about it as he put a dirty bandage around her hand. She listened quietly as he spoke to her and nodded in understanding but appearing shocked when he disappeared taking the place of her shadow.

    "May I ask what your name is?" she said quietly picking her books up from where they had fallen somewhat thankful that the sun had chosen to go behind clouds. It wouldn't be good for people to see her weird shadow. Aurore took a deep breath and wiped her face still looking like she had been crying as she proceeded to walk towards where she was going mentally making a list of what needed to be done when she got home. I need to think of something to tell mother or father when they see my hand, I need to clean the wound put a fresh bandage on it and check my blood sugar. As well as my math homework she thought with a sigh hating having to spend her Friday mornings at tutoring for math.

    "I just have to try to stay positive or at least seem myself so as not to make people suspicious that anything is wrong" she muttered to herself as she walked through the crowded streets head looking down as she neared her families house.

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