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    Interlude: The Tournament of Fate

    [BGM: And So, Our Journey Continues]

    The Domaris bid the party farewell early the next morning--yet as Mina soared through the desert sky, Ash's mind swam with questions--had there been something on the scale of the Tournament of Fate before? If so, what were the ramifications of that? What could he expect within the arena walls?

    "Why the thoughtful look?" Misty asked some seconds later, snapping Ash from his silent grimace.

    "I've been thinking about our next objective...I've never competed in a tournament on this big a scale, and I want to know what to expect." Ash explained.

    "Well, I've been in a few tournaments before, but I'm sure a mage's tournament is way different from the jousts and Pokemon battles knights compete in." Misty assured him. "Of course, I'm a little unsteady on Ponytas, so I mainly battled with my team of Water types."

    "We battle Pokemon too, only our hand to hand battles are fought by casting spells at each other until one side submits." Ash added. "The most famous mage's tournament, however, is the famous Gauntlet of Illusion." He smiled as he remembered past matches against his classmates in the lodge and watching Milina run the Gauntlet of Illusion. Milina was very good at battling too--I wish I could've gotten the chance to run the Gauntlet!

    "That's how our duels are fought too, only we can use weapons and jutsu." Janine mused.

    "Most clerics are too busy at the temples to compete in any sort of tournament, but that's not to say that clerics have competed at tournaments before..." Dawn interjected.

    "For example, there's Dalziel MacCulleon, the Greyscale Priest..." Brock suggested, counting the various clerics on his fingers as he named them. "Nino Vidavan, the White Phoenix...Rosetta the Cursebreaker...Tirrya Darkchaser...and my personal favorite to sing about, Lemira Selrath, Anima's Singer. She's unique because like Dawn, she too could sing magic."

    "Could you maybe sing about one of her adventures?" Dawn asked, her eyes shining--she'd always wanted to hear about another cleric that sang spells.

    Brock was about to oblige when Janine interuppted "But what about you, Karakashu-san? Do geshous have a competition?"

    "Well...there's storytelling contests, musical contests and the drama contest on Rainbow Day that all the halls participate in." Brock replied. "The hall that puts on the best performance of the first performance of Rainbow Symphony wins a special tapestry, which is hung in the main hall untill the next Rainbow Day. As for me, I have participated in a few storytelling and music contests, but didn't win anything--highest rank I ever got was fourth place in the Harper's Competition."

    "Here's an idea for you all..." Dawn suggested as Amanta came into view in the distance. "Suppose the Tournament of Fate is all of what we've discussed, plus some competitions we have never seen before?

    An uneasy silence filled the air as Mina raced for the adobe walled city--whatever they would face in the Tournament, they would face it together. Deami's Ruby was too priceless and too important to let fall into the hands of just anyone--and who was Ash to think that it could fall into the wrong hands?

    To Be Continued...
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