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    Finally. After years of training and isolation from the other factions. It was time. Many years had the Equilibrium Faction been hiding in the shadows, and now, the first Equilibrium Warrior was sent away with a new mission. What mission? The elders well, they weren't really specific. "Maintaining the balance between the two sides and not letting either side go awfully overpowered" Might had sounded pretty clear to everyone else, but the elders didn't mention HOW it should be done. It was all up to him. No pressure. In the human world, he wasn't visible to anybody - he'd prefer it that way. Only selected people would be able to see him. After all, the city of New York, or the Big Apple, people called it, was full of people. Turning visible would start a stampede. Not saying that he had the power to turn visible in front of everybody though.

    Everything was so uninteresting to him. People walking around, talking on their phones, holding hands...Nexus had seen them all. Shaking his head, he continued to stroll around the place, seeing if there were any other angels around. Just then, something sparkling caught his eye. It was a red amulet around a girl, about thirteen or fourteen, and it had a magical aura around it. It wasn't from someone human, that's for sure., the Angels of Light wouldn't give away red amulets.

    "An angel of darkness?" Nexus murmured and walked closer to the girl, observing from top to bottom. Indeed, she was 'Dark Angel property'. In order to do something, he had to learn more about everything and everyone important to him.

    "Had a deal with an Angel of Darkness, I see?" Nexus spoke, his grey wings showing as he appeared before her, only allowing her to see him, "You know, deals like this never have a good ending."

    Then he stopped and his eyebrow twitched a little. Something didn't feel right. Something, or someONE, was near, and it was probably the Angel of Darkness that had made this little deal with her. He had to be aware. He didn't want to be enemies of BOTH Factions...
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