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Hilda is the best-designed female lead in any Pokemon game so far.

Everyone likes her, except one thing...

they're all saying she has a stupid name!

Will someone ever say they like her name?

I even made up a poem about her...

Pokemon Trainer Hilda,
She's the cool-as girl from Unova
who travels with her friends
Cheren and Bianca.
They receive a Starter Pokemon
then Hilda realizes she feels
a connection to a legendary
Dragon-type Pokemon.
Reshiram or Zekrom?
It's her VS N to save Unova
from the clutches of Team Plasma!
Hilda is the awesome Trainer
we would have liked to have seen
as Ash's new female companion
but the writers decided reflect
back on the original series anime
and gave us two Gym Leaders.
If I, Hikari were making the anime
I'd make Hilda the main girl and
I'd make Oshawott her starter
it would either remain unevolved
like Dawn's Piplup or evolve like
May's Torchic. Still, Hilda's design
and total awesomeness plus
her maturity make her the ideal
Pokemon Trainer!
Give me a H! Give me an I!
Give me a L! Give me a D!
And give me an A!
That's Pokemon Trainer Hilda.
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