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    The items are:

    Crystal Egg, Silver Egg, Gold Egg, Emerald Egg, Ruby Egg, Sapphire Egg & Prisim Key. Which is what I'm guessing you mean and I don't think they have any use in Brown but will do in Prisim.

    And seeing as you have the S.S Anne ticket I'm guessing you've beat the final dungeon so don't think there is anything else to do other than to catch them all.

    Anyway recently I finished doing a blind nuzlocke challenge of brown which was very enjoyable and proved to be quite a challenge and there weren't many points where I was stuck with what to do next as all of it seemed straightforward for the most part. Some of the level increases in the E4 and final dungeon were crazy but added more to the fun and challenge of the game. Thanks for making such an amazing rom hack.

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