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    Team Rocket

    "To protect the world from devastation... To unite all people within our nation..."


    Hey, Minime010 here. Call me either Min, Jonathan, or Jon. I don't mind. I'm going to be sort of straight forward here, so bear with me. I've been ROM hacking for some time, but I still consider myself a beginner. I think that it's more of the experience that I'm lacking in. I am making this team to create a game where you can live the team rocket experience. I was really inspired by EarthsVisitor and Ckret 2 at their efforts to make a really interesting rocket hack, mainly Ckret 2 for putting in the actual events like the death of Cubone's mother (Not that Pokemon dying is good). I also would like to get a name for myself, as did others like Zel or DJG, but I am pretty positive getting known like that is a definite no. I also think that making a team is a good way for me to get to know new people on PC.

    Current Project

    [U]Pokemon Adventures: Black


    Hack Intro

    Due to a loved ones illness and rising medical bills, the player is in desperate need to make money. Jobs around their home town of Celadon City have become hard to come by - Leaving town to take a job else where is out of the question. Without a way to get back and forth, or even out of town, the commute would take too long. The dangers of both nature and the wild Pokemon are ever present on the road on top of that.

    On the way to the hospital one evening, the player is stopped by a cheery young girl. By the look of her dress, she seems to be rather wealthy. Holding out a business card with a red "TR" logo etched onto it, she tells the player to call the number on it when they get home. She explains of how she had overheard the medical biller of the hospital talking with them of how to go about payments - Having heard they were in need of work, she thought to give him/her the chance of an interview. Not explaining whom she works for or anything of what the company only known to the player as "TR", she walks inside of the hospital. It seems she has disappeared after following her inside shortly after.

    (If after reading that intro you dislike the thought of why you choose to join, click here and read.


    HM's as Items

    Stealing Pokemon

    Manga related events

    Most PokeCenters won't heal you. You're on team rocket. No one is gunna be nice to you.

    Homeowners battle you, stealing their Pokemon maybe a possibility?

    Might add johto events(team rocket in johto)

    New tiles (Maybe)

    Custom Pokemon

    The most important part is the starter!: I ain't tellin' .

    The chance to join either Team Rocket or...the police...?(Possibly)

    A lot more to come...

    Needed Help


    PROBABLY ASM'ers (i don't know what asm accomplishes exactly)






    Storyliners (For any extra events or manga events we forget)

    MAJOR: I need someone to help keep me organized. It will ensure that this hack won't die.

    Current Team Members

    The team has a rank system,just to keep things organized. If I think you deserve it, you can have a promotion.

    Team name:

    Team Rocket

    Minime010, Soul Saint (Absent)- Leaders



    Dark Deo(Absent)




    Application Form

    Nickname/What you want to be called:


    When you're on and timezone:

    Proof of Work: (optional, but greatly appreciated)

    Way of contact:

    Why you want to join:

    (If accepted and you do have a cell, PM it to me - If not then don't worry. We'll figure something out.)


    Attempting to get back into ROM Hacking.