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    "Now look what we have here...." I've heard rumours... but nothing so true as one in the flesh. You're an equilibrium angel aren't you... how disgusting..." Mars appeared between his pet and the angel and spat in his general direction.

    "Mongrel... how disgusting... it's people like you who ruin my fun and halt my bloodlusts feed..." Mars drew his scythe.

    "I was advised not to engage you unless directly threatened... however I'll make a special exception for you... I didn't like the way you talked to my pet just then... so I'm I have to kill you." Mars dropped his chain and let it dangle from his arm.

    "I wonder... how will the tinge of your flesh and existence taste after I rip it from your body? My guess? Slightly bland, much like your indecisive feathers... mongrel... either way it should be a true feast, unlike the pitiful snack being fed to me by my pet..." Mars launched the chain at the angel.

    "Let us see first hand what your existence tastes like when my bloodlust devours it from your rotting corpse!"
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