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    "Mongrel... how disgusting... it's people like you who ruin my fun and halt my bloodlusts feed..." an Angel appeared and drew his scythe. Nexus realized that it was the Angel who had made this disgusting deal with the girl.

    "I am not an Angel of Light, and I have no intentions to stop you from getting what you need," Nexus replied, staying calm, his eyes focused on the angel before him, "And I didn't do anything to the girl, did I?"

    "I wonder... how will the tinge of your flesh and existence taste after I rip it from your body? My guess? Slightly bland, much like your indecisive feathers... mongrel... either way it should be a true feast, unlike the pitiful snack being fed to me by my pet...Let us see first hand what your existence tastes like when my bloodlust devours it from your rotting corpse!" Without warning the black winged being launched a chain at the Greywing, and Nexus was forced to fight back as self defense.

    "But if you wish to fight like this, Angel of Darkness, then let's have some fun!" Nexus growled and raised his hand, a pillar of grey energy appearing before him, rising from the ground, blocking the chains attack as the chains collided against the pillar, disappearing, "One less Angel in the world won't do me bad!"

    His red eyes glowing, his right hand was drawn back, an energy ball formed in his palm. Then when thrusting his hand forward, he launched a powerful grey energy beam attack, sending it right towards the Darkness Angel's heart.

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