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    Originally Posted by lolwhet View Post
    Woah, that's an amazing map! It's beautiful, and just looks very impressive and well-made. However, I agree with the guy above me...the logs are kinda weird looking.


    Map Name: _____ Town. (not named yet.. )

    Map Game: Fire Red

    Comments: This is the starting town for my hack. I quite like this one, but I wanted to post it here and see what you guys think. I have 7 edited tiles, see if you can spot them all! :D If you have any suggestions on the name, please share! By the way, I know that it is weird having a PokeMart in the starting town but its actually part of the storyline.

    This map is good in that it is both simple and very easily playable (I consider this important for the starting town of a game). That being said, there are some minor issues that I'd like to stress.
    1. The flowers. They occur much too frequently. Try to instead add different styles of grass to liven the place up a bit.
    2. The hedge. Its just my preference, but I find those two hedges with the break in the middle slightly odd. Hedges are supposed to look orderly, not chaotic.
    3. The lack of small trees. Some different trees would it a little more interesting

    Overall, I'd give this map a 7/10.


    I'm reposting this map, as no one reviewed it before. BTW the rocks blocking the path are removed by a script after defeating team rocket after venturing going past this area.

    Name: route 8
    Credits: no one
    Hack of: fire red