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    Savannah had seen the encounter between the human and the Angel of her kind, but she did nothing to stop it. It wasn't her right to interfere with the business of other Angels of Darkness. Plus, she had wanted to see how the human would react to this angel. She never saw these kinds of things, as she never paid much attention to most of the angels. But she knew this one, well, slightly. She had seen him around before, but had more or less stayed out of his way, not too happy with the fact that he had killed her humans.

    She had come to the decision to follow the girl, just to see how she would handle this situation. And she wanted to see how this Angel of Darkness dealt with the girl. It wasn't very often that she got to see interaction between the Angels and the humans. It wasn't very often that she paid the angels much mind to begin with. They were nothing new to her. There was nothing interesting about them. They were all the same. But she'd stick around for the human.

    Before the human could be on her way, someone else joined in on the little meeting. By his wings, she could tell he wasn't human, and she was glad, for once, that she was an Angel. Being an angel gave her the ability to sense and see any other angel that may be around. It would be much harder to know it was them if they had a physical form, but with their wings as visible as this one's was, it was fairly easily to tell that it was an angel. Though, it wasn't one that she recognized. The wings on this one were more gray, even more so than her own. It was weird, because she at least had seen the faces of every angel around.

    She wasn't sure what this Angel was up to. She couldn't tell if their intentions were good or bad, as she didn't recognize him as an Angel of Darkness, yet she knew he wasn't one of the three light Angels that she had sensed. She knew that for a fact. Not many new Angels arrived in this city. She didn't even know a place where they could. As far as she knew, Angels didn't exist outside of New York, not like she'd ever been out of the city to begin with. She wasn't allowed. Her father had forbid it.

    She soon realized she had been so lost in thought, that she hadn't noticed the Angel of Darkness reappear. She cringed at the way he spoke to this new Angel, and she knew that he had no good intent in mind with the words he laid out. And she didn't like it. Not at all. Savannah wasn't fond of violence. Never had she understand the true nature of it, why it was so appealing. Of course, she had done her fair share of it. She couldn't explain it, but it was a compulsion of hers to fight. Whenever it was needed, she would fight, without hesitation. When she once again became aware of the scene before her, the 'creepy' Angel was staging an attack on the other one.

    "Eep!" she hadn't meant to make such a loud, squealing noise. She fell down to where she was crouching down, and her physical form instantly faded away. Her dark gray wings, nearly black like the others, instantly sprung out from the mark on her back, wrapping around to cover her body. Her blue eyes darkened into the blackness of her Angel form, shut tight as though she could see beyond her wings. She didn't know what was going to happen, and she wasn't quite sure she wanted to find out.

    Unfortunately for her, her curiosity got the best of her, and she opened her wings slightly to watch the scene. It seemed this new Angel could definitely take care of himself, but she also knew that the Angel of Darkness could as well. So, she had no idea who would win this battle, but she did know that she wanted to make sure that girl was going to be okay. Honestly, if either of the Angels survived didn't matter much to her, but this human's life did matter. She didn't know her. So of course, she needed more time to get to that.

    Savannah wished that she could use her wings while in her physical form, or do some sort of physical activity while still in her Angel form. But to the best of her knowledge, this wasn't quite possible. Then something hit her. She could put a thought into that girl's head. She wouldn't know what the girl was thinking afterwards, as she had no connection to her, but she would be able to give her a thought, and she prayed that she would listen to it.

    A switch in her brain flipped on, the part of her that allowed the use of her ability to rearrange the thoughts and dreams of those around her. A small, pink cord caught her attention, and she tilted her head. It was the girl's mind. All humans had a link to their minds, but the cord only stretched so far, and only her ability allowed her to see this without needing a connection. Biting down on her lip, she pushed herself slightly to where one hand was keeping her balanced on the ground, and she was pushing herself forward with her feet. Huffing slightly, she reached forward and grabbed hold of the cord, closing her eyes tight, sending her thought through.

    DUCK DOWN! she cringed after realizing that she had sent the thought a little louder than she had intended. She wasn't quite sure if the girl truly was in any danger, but even if she wasn't, this gave her a chance to recognize some simple patterns she possessed as a human. She was going to make sure these damn Angels didn't harm her humans anymore.

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