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    Originally Posted by DavidJCobb View Post
    Originally Posted by SupahNinja View Post

    How is it done in the game?
    ASM? Because I was planning on learning that soon, and I might as well start here.
    It's ASM, but that knowledge alone wouldn't be enough to reverse-engineer it. I'd imagine that the code for that particular sprite-change is buried deep in the game engine. It'd be hard to find, let alone reverse-engineer -- unless someone already has, that is.

    JPAN's FireRed Hacked Engine adds functionality that allows you to change the player's overworld sprites from a script. His patch is meant to be applied only to a clean FR ROM (it deletes a lot of stuff), but he also has a hack tool that can apply the changes to a hack-in-progress (it's trickier, though).
    I've looked up some videos of it in action, and some of them do state that it's an ASM hack. But no one gives details.

    Which means that if none of them reply to their YouTube messages, I'll check out JPAN's Hacked Engine.

    Thank you, David.

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    -I've been meaning to start learning ASM for a while, but I don't ever seem to have enough time.


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