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    (OOC: Here with teh post :D)

    Jaykob Spellsun
    New York City

    As Jaykob descended from the clouds, he muttered to himself, occasionally glancing back at his snow white wings. He hated being an angel, he wished he could be "normal" He wished he could choose to think positively or negatively. Instead, this stupid voice in the back of Jaykob's head kept urging him to think good. It was a hard job keeping good in the world. Especially when bad was so much easier to think about. And now, these idiot Dark angels, once Jaykob's brethren, had undone all of the angel of light's, and their own, work. For what? This was a brain twister for Jaykob. What the hell was the point of making everybody so damn negative? What good could come out of it? But that was the thing, being negative was about being bad, but how could it better the world? That was just it, bad wasn't supposed to better the world. It was all so confusing that Jaykob felt his mind could explode. Well, one thing was for sure: Stop these Dark Angels and find this special human, that was the task. But where to start? How was Jaykob supposed to distinguish this special one from the rest of their brethren. Jaykob sighed. This was an impossible task. Finally, and almost suddenly, Jaykob's feet touched ground. The angel was on top of a building, a factory of sorts, on the outskirts of the city. He was on its roof, and could see part of the city from here.

    It was nearing dawn, the sunlight was already streaming out little lines from behind the skyscrapers. It was a near-beautiful sight to behold, but Jaykob had no time for sightseeing. He had a mission. A Mission: Impossible.

    (OOC: Really stupid, but I'm feeling cliche :D)

    The two other light angels had probably already arrived, which meant Jaykob was late. He needed to get a move on. Hopefully he wouldn't bump into any Dark angels. He flew down from the factory, and went into disguise. He was now basically the same scrappy young man, but not wings. He took his top clothes off and wrapped bandages around his chest, to stop the wings from sprouting. He then took his clothes, put them back on and set off.
    The crowd was thick. Jaykob had no idea how to react, and was instantly pushed from one person to another like a ping pong ball, none of them minded, they were obviously too busy thinking "Ugh, what a creep". With their leather suitcases and red ties. Jaykob couldn't help a slight sigh of disgust. Jaykob was not about to give all his positive energy to these creepers. With an annoyed grumble, he pushed one of them away, regaining his balance and walking in a straight line. "Hey, watch it, kid!" the man shouted after him. Jaykob rolled his eyes and continued on.

    (Srry guys. I gotta hurry. My mum wants me to be at her stupid garden party. I swear I'll make a bigger post next time. This was just to get y'all moving again. :D)
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