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THE OLD ONE DIED? NUUUU! Joinage, pleeeeeease :3

What is your favourite series made by Square-Enix?
Gotta say Final Fantasy /totally obvious answer is obvious
Who is your favourite Kingdom Hearts character?
Hnnnng. This one is tough. But so far, I gotta say it's either Riku or Aqua. Riku because he's just.. well.. Riku. KH2 won me over for him. Aqua because.. well.. she's a strong female character that is still gentle. She's got some depth to her. And she's not useless. That one's a big plus.
What console(s) do you hope Kingdom Hearts III will be on?
I'm gonna get grilled so hard for this, but if I had the CHOICE, I'd like to see a multi-port of the game on PS3 and Xbox, simply because... well.. I can't afford a PS3 and there are few games out for it I want to play. If it DID go multi-port, though, it'd most likely be for the Wii 2... I mean... Wii U. But it's probably just gonna be a PS3 exclusive. Maybe Vita. So REALISTICALLY, if it WAS on something aside from the PS3, I'd choose the Vita as the safest bet.
What two Keyblades would you double wield?
Ya know... I realllllly like the Ultima Weapon Keyblade design from BbS. I think I'd probably choose that and Sleeping Lion from KH2.