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Well then!! Definitely coming back to this!! <:


>Name: Harley Evita Belward
>Age: Nineteen and a half
>Gender: Female
Physical: Harley is shorter and skinnier than the average pre-teen, standing at 162cm and weighing 49kg. Her hair, recently cut, is a dark brown and brushed towards the right, with her fringe sitting just above her eyes (she despises any kind of hair in front of her eyes; it's far too distracting) and just reaching her shoulder blades. Sometimes, it can be pinned up in a ponytail, but most of the time it's pulled out and just hanging naturally off her head. Her skin is not a ghost white, just rather pale since the sun seems to be some kind of mysterious being to her. She is fairly flat chested and quite weak when it comes to any kind of physical confrontation. She is diagnosed with anemia, a iron deficiency disease, and because of this tends to bruise easily and be a little short of breath (ergo her weakness and dislike of any exercise). Her favourite feature of her entire body though is her eyes, which reflect her Heterochromia;her left eye being a murky, bottle green and her right eye a chocolate brown.

Clothing: Harley likes to dress differently compared to her average post-teen and does not follow (or has no idea of) the latest trends. Her clothes are quite simple in style, yet are rather unique and original, as making her own clothes has been somewhat of a hobby for her. Her favourite hoodie is one she fashioned herself, using bits of material she found from all sorts of clothing she discovered in the bin of a second hand shop. The main base is black and the arms have been cut off (at different lengths) and replaced with teal and white horizontally striped material. The the inside of the hood is a light, aqua, bluey-green colour. Under that, she has a short, grey, summer-like dress with a belt of string under her bust and below, her jeans are quite rugged from overuse. She won't go anywhere without a pair of boots or converse shoes on, but usually boots is her preferred pick.
Harley cannot stand to be alone, though she barely acts like it. She's snippy, bores easy, talks back, a little selfish, arrogant, quite an attention seeker but she needs to have somebody next to her, Somebody to depend on and protect her since she has next to no self confidence to do it herself. When it comes to helping others, she either will try with extreme hesitation or just won't at all. When the going gets tough, she doesn't try to fight back. Instead, she abandons her introverted personality and sour attitude and clings to the closest person who might help her, despite the fact they need help themselves. Harley is seen as distant, often stopping herself in conversation when there's no point to her input and adds a snide or sarcastic remark when the conversation falls off her. She won't openly thank you for helping her but there is a heart under her attitude. She has a fear of independence or some kind of fear of failing to do things right on her own. It's probably why she hasn't left her Zoroark's side since they found each other.

Harley's never had a lot of friends, maybe just the two or three to get her though high school, but she hasn't spoken to any of them in a while. Because she has her Zoroark, she tends to keep to herself now, silently drawing in a corner somewhere. She's a self taught artist and not a particularly bad one either. If there's one thing she loves in this world, it's drawing, her Pokémon that keeps her safe and the history of the world. When she's left alone to do her thing, she's the happiest she can be.
Harley's early life is not one that anyone would find very interesting; not to her anyway. She was born to a young couple (about 18 or 19 at the time), one with limited money and experience. Her mother and father were both aspiring trainers but not particularly good ones, hence the shortages of cash. To raise her properly and pay for a decent house, her parents had to have a job each which often had them both being away for extended lengths of time, sometimes not being back before the daycare closed. But being so young, she did not understand what her parents were doing. In fact, the only thing that interested her was the Zorua that watched her everyday from the other side of the gate while she was at daycare. Then one day, when a few weeks after she turned five, the Zorua followed her home.

At first, her parents thought the Zorua was dangerous but then it gave them a wonderful idea, one that would save them money and time. Both ex-trainers still had their Pokémon and using them as babysitters would help them raise Harley without spending ridiculous amounts of money on daycare. So, for a few years, her father's Raichu and Kangaskhan and her mother's Furret plus her own Zorua raised her lovingly. Then, when they thought she was old enough, it was just her and Ceri (pronouced "Kerry". Apparently it meant "dark-haired" in some foreign language according to the local librarian) who spent all their time together, even while Harley was at school. If the teacher requested that she asked her Pokémon to leave, Harley would cry. She could not bear to have her Zorua leave her.

Harley's first shift was in her tenth grade, just before her 15th birthday. She was in her room, supposedly studying (instead sketching an enormous Suicune across the back pages of her maths textbook) and concentrating intensely. Ceri (now a Zoroark) tapped her on her shoulder and her focus shifted. She then found herself in a mysterious world, where everything was dark and a haze. The vision only lasted a few seconds but she could not pass it by as simple eye trickery. When she tried to replicate the scene, nothing happened. As she grew up, her visions followed her around but Harley never was able to master the ability with a technique. Instead, it only happened by chance or when Ceri willed it to happen.

Harley, now nineteen, lives with her parents in Olivine City, Ceri her guardian.


>Name: Ceri
>Gender: Male
>Species: Zoroark
Ceri is Harley's bodyguard and best friend. Because she is so dependent on people, she is often seen holding his hand on being carried by him. He's extremely loyal to her and would put his life on the line if it meant saving hers. He defends her, sides with her and makes sure she doesn't get hurt. When he and Harley are alone, he often shape shifts into legendary Pokémon found in books for her. He never reaches their full size or demeanor and his illusions have lasted at best for 15 minutes. He also also enjoys the fact that Harley can't stand to be completely alone; it gives him an excuse to stay around her all the time. He is her perfect friend.
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