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    (OOC: Sorry it took me so long, had some very important rl things going on. I hope this is a good length first post.)

    "Finally."Julie thought as the ground came into veiw.

    Julie put her arms as far out to her sides as possible, straight, and put her legs together. She landed with grace, something she took a while to gain. She landed behind a skyscraper where no one would see her. Julie's legs came apart and she lowered her arms. Her wings folded back into her body.

    "It only took me a month..."Julie muttered.

    Julie walked from behind the skyscraped onto the busy sidewalk. She walked, exaimining the people. She had never been this close with humans, and she was directly next to them now. Julie saw a little girl happily licking ice cream, a man speaking roughly into a device, and a lady and man holding hands happily.

    Julie exaimined many stores, restraunts, apartment buildings, and hotels. She exaimined humans, idems laying on the ground, small areas of flowers, and one thing she examined carefully was cars. Julie furrowed her brows at a long black car, a limo, with girls running after it.

    "Strange, strange humans."Julie thought, staring after the girls.

    Julie stepped into the grass where she wouldn't stop the flow of sidewalk trafic. She thought about what to do now. She had just flew for a month, and she had no idea what to do when she first got there. She felt pretty stupid about that.

    "Really? I just flew a month, and I don't know what to do now? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"Julie thought and hit her forhead three times.

    "Well, I'm the last light angel here."Julie muttered."Maybe I can meet up with one of them."

    Julie stepped back onto the sidewalk and began walking around, searching for some type of sign of somebody being a light angel-or a dark one. Julie hoped more to find a light angel before I dark angel though. Julie didn't want any trouble to deal with on her own, not that she was positive there would be trouble.

    "It'd be my luck though."She thought.

    Julie walked around the city, having no sense of direction around this unfamilure place. Julie had a misson to complete, but she sure as heck wasn't doing it alone.

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