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"I just let my Focus Shift" - Sign Up

> Name: Kris Kollyns
> Age: 15
> Gender: Male
> Appearance:
Kris has semi-long, dirty blonde hair. His bangs are rather long and either cover his right eye or hang just above it. He has bluish-grey eyes and stands at about six feet while weighing about a hundred and thirty pounds. He doesn't look very strong, but is pretty strong and very agile.

Kris sometimes wears a black beanie hat that only allows his bangs to show. He almost always wears a hoodie, usually his black and white checkerboard one that is lined with black faux fur. Concealed by his hoodie is usually either a dark red, blue or jet black t-shirt. He normally wears dark black jeans and jet black sneakers with a white skull design and brown soles on them.

> Personality:
Kris is a rather quiet person. When other people are around, especially people that he does not know very well, Kris tends to keep silent. In these cases, when Kris must talk, he tends to mumble very softly, so most people can't understand him then anyways. The exception to this is when Kris is in a very good mood, or if he can somehow relate to the person, which doesn't happen very often. He's somewhere in between immature and mature, depending on the situation, so this enables him to converse with those older and younger than him rather well, if he actually feels like talking.

Kris prefers Pokemon to people, as people can be annoying and hard to be around, but there are those that he doesn't mind. Depending on the day, Kris can sometimes be easily irritated. Kris is pretty good at keeping his emotions bottled up, but there are times when he either can't, or just doesn't care to. Kris also has a very high pain tolerance, and he'll usually keep the pain to himself. He pulls off looking healthy when he's actually dying inside pretty good.
> History:
Kris was born in Nuvema Town, Unova. He grew up with his older sister, Krystal, and best friends, Dustin and Sierra. A little while after Kris was born, a litter of Eevee was birthed to an Umbreon and Espeon on a Pokemon Breeder's Ranch in the small town. Kris's parents took him to the ranch soon after he was born, they had decided to find him a Pokemon partner that would grow up with him. It would seem to be a coincidence that the first Pokemon to take a liking to Kris, and the first Pokemon Kris took a liking to, was a small Eevee. As fate would have it, Kris's parents got that Eevee for him and brought it home.

As Kris grew up, he would always stick by Dusk. Even the school eventually allowed him to have Dusk by his side all day long. At school, Kris was a very bright student, though a bit bad at getting his homework done on time, especially projects. Despite that, Kris almost always managed to get straight A's, and never anything below a B. He also studied Pokemon as much as possible during his spare time. Outside of school, Kris, Sierra, and Dustin would venture out to Route 1 and play with the wild Pokemon. Dusk would always run off and play with the wild Lillipup and Patrat, and Kris eventually decided that he wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer, more specifically, a Normal-Type Pokemon Master. He would use other types too, though.

Once Kris turned ten, he started his journey to become a Pokemon Master. Professor Juniper provided him with the essentials in becoming a Pokemon Trainer, and Kris, along with Dustin and Sierra, began traveling the Unova region. As soon as he had reached Route 1, Kris caught a Patrat, Lillipup, and Audino. When Kris reached Striaton, he came across a group of monkeys that had been pulling pranks and stealing things all over town. The triplet gym leaders of Striaton had been pursuing them for a few weeks now, so Kris joined in the chase.

Kris cornered the three monkeys in the Dreamyard, where they had angered the local Musharna. The Musharna then made the monkeys' nightmares come to life, and Kris was forced to knock out the Musharna. He did remember to explain to the Musharna his reasonings though. After that, he turned and captured all three of the monkeys. Kris then challenged the Striaton Gym using the three monkeys, matching each gym leader. Monierba, Kris's Pansage, defeated Cilan's Pansage; Monuego, Kris's Pansear, defeated Chili's Pansear; and Monagua, Kris's Panpour, was defeated by Cress's Panpour. With two out of three gym leaders defeated, Kris walked away with a shiny new gym badge.

When Kris reached the Pokemon daycare on Route 3, he discovered a Lickitung that had been abandoned by its owner. The daycare couple left the Lickitung in his care, but only after a barrage of questions to see if he was a good person to leave the Lickitung with. Kris then deposited the three monkeys and continued his journey. When he reached Nacrene City, Kris challenged the gym leader, Lenora. He was unsuccesful on his first attempt, but he trained his Pokemon, evolving Watchman, the Patrat, and strengthening all of his other Pokemon. On his second try, Kris triumphed over Lenora, earning his second gym badge. After witnessing this, one of the Museum's helper Pokemon, a Minccino that would keep the Museum tidy with its siblings, decided to join Kris. With that, Kris had six Normal-Type Pokemon to travel Unova with.

After getting lost in Pinwheel Forest, Kris and Dusk wanted to go through a maze rather than an easy path, which was a mistake, Kris and Dusk met a strange Pokemon. Kris recognized this Pokemon from his studies, it was Virizion, the legendary Pokemon that was said to reside in Pinwheel Forest's Rumination Field, and almost never showed itself to humans. Virizion escorted Kris and Dusk out of the confusing maze of Pinwheel Forest and to the exit near Skyarrow Bridge. The Virizion then promptly disappeared; they never saw it again.

After exploring all of the wonders that Castelia City had to hold, Kris defeated Burgh and got his third gym badge. He continued north to Route 4, and decided to explore the Desert Resort. He went to the Relic Castle and met a hiker at the entrance. The Hiker was from Johto and had been carrying a few Ragecandybars, waking up the Darmanitan "statues" and getting himself attacked. Kris helped to fight off the statues, along with a Volcarona that had sensed the statues' awakening and had emerged from the buried castle. After this, the Hiker gave Kris a Togepi egg as thanks for helping him.

Kris proceeded to Nimbasa City and defeated Elesa, whom was eventually going to be Kris's sister's mentor. After that, he went to Lostlorn Forest and found a pack of Zorua. When he tried to approach the Zorua, two Zoroark attacked him. They had caught Kris and Dusk off guard, and they immediately injured Dusk severely. Kris fled and had Dusk taken care of at the Nimbasa Pokemon Center. Kris and Dusk later went back to Lostlorn Forest for a little revenge. After a long battle, Dusk was nearly done for again, but when things seemed that they could get no better, Dusk evolved into an Umbreon. With his newfound power, Dusk defeated the two Zoroark.

Soon after, Kris and Dusk easily defeated Clay. They stopped by the season research center on their way to Chargestone Cave, and they gave all they knew about the Deerling and their forms, which was quite a lot seeing as Deerling was a Normal-Type. They continued through Chargestone Cave and to Mistralton City, where they defeated Skyla. After their battle, Skyla was called away on an emergency to Celestial Tower. Kris followed and discovered what the emergency was; an injured Tornadus. They helped the Tornadus up and nursed it back to health. Its Thundurus friend showed up not long after as he had been searching for the Tornadus. The two then flew off, making their usual laps around Unova.

Kris and Dusk continued to Twist Mountain, and at the time it was winter. Inside Twist Mountain Kris found Sierra, whom was stuck in the lowest point of Twist Mountain, near the Ice Rock, and the entrance was blocked by an avalanche. Kris had to get Monuego out of the PC, and they melted the snow to free Sierra. That was when Kris and Sierra's relationship started, but let's not go on about that. Kris returned Monuego to the PC and he and Sierra continued to Iccirus City. Kris ended up finding need for Monuego again as he challenged Brycen and lost. He and Monuego then defeated Brycen on their second try, even though Sierra, another Ice-Type master, defeated Brycen on her first try.

Kris and Sierra continued to Opelucid City, and Sierra had no problem defeating Drayden with her Ice-Types. It took Kris multiple tries and multiple evolutions from his Pokemon, but he eventually defeated Drayden. They then proceeded to the Pokemon League, where Kris, Sierra, Dustin, Krystal, and all of their friends competed for the title of Pokemon League Champion. Kris was defeated by Alder in the Champion League after Kris had managed to defeat Krystal in the finals. By now, Kris was twelve and already a rather strong trainer.

After being defeated by Alder, Kris continued to the other four regions. At the Indigo League, Kris was defeated by Dustin in the semi-finals, and Dustin lost in the finals. That was when Kris was fourteen. Kris then proceeded to the Hoenn League. There, he was fifteen, and he experianced his first moment of shifting, during the middle of a Pokemon League battle. He lost the battle because of that, but that didn't upset him. What did upset him was what he had just experianced. He was in... another world. The only one there besides Kris was Dusk, whom was also the Pokemon Kris had been using in the battle. Kris couldn't believe the other world he had seen, he had no words for it, so he decided to leave it unspoken, even when others asked him what had happened during the battle.

Kris continued to Sinnoh, trying to ignore what he had just experianced. Due to all of his training in all four regions, Kris managed to defeat eight Sinnoh gyms in just under two months. He proceeded to the Lily of the Valley Conference, where he defeated a trainer with a Shaymin in the finals. He was defeated by Cynthia, once again coming so close but not close enough. That's where Kris's life currently resides; just after his defeat at the hands of Cynthia.
> RP Sample: (From RHCP's Rockets Rising)

Kris Kollyns
Goldenrod City
Lookout, all around.


"Chinika is a traitor, she is part of Team Rocket." Came the voice from teh other end of the phone. A voice belonging to Lorelei of the Elite Four.

"Hm, I'm not all that surprised, really." I said as I tapped Torgen, signaling him to head back to Goldenrod City.

"She was just sighted at New Bark Town, be careful."

"Don't worry, I will be. After all, it is me your talking to." I said confidently. Well, if Chinika was just spotted outside of New Bark Town, then that meant she could get around fast. After all, she did have an Arcanine, if I was correct.

"Yes, I suppose it is. Good-bye Kristopher." She did not just call me Kristopher? Oh my god, I was going to kill her later.

"My name is not-" There was a click, signaling the call had been ended. "-Kristopher." I sighed, "Well, damn you, Lorelei. You won that time." I pocketed my phone and signaled for Torgen to use Extremespeed.


We were in Goldenrod in no time. I recalled Torgen and dropped him back off to his trainer. It was time for some... extreme measures, as one might call them.

I sprinted to the gym as fast as I could, so I was there in under a minute. "Amelia, maximize the cities security. It has been revealed that Ecruteak's gym leader, Chinika, is of Team Rocket."

Amelia turned to me, a look of confusion on her face for a moment. "A-all right." She pushed her glasses back so that they were actually on her face again, and she sped-walked out of the gym. I walked to the back of the gym and took the elevator to the roof. I walked to the lookout and watched as Amelia reported the news. In a matter of minutes, the gym trainers were running around, preparing.

"Chinika won't be getting by Goldenrod anytime soon." I said as I watched the whole town now. The gym trainers were taking up their positions all around Goldenrod's borders. There were twenty-one lookout towers in Goldenrod, including the one I was in now.

Once all of the trainers were at their lookout towers, they let out all of their Pokemon, creating a line all around the city. Some of the... braver citizens were helping out with their Pokemon. There were now also guards standing at the gates of the city, meaning there was no entry in or out of the city without secure I.D., I.D. that only belonged to citizens of Goldenrod and some more... important people, such as teh Elite Four.

"The town is now secure." I turned to see Amelia standing at the lookout's entrance.

"Good, I'm going to go to Ecruteak City. If Chinika shows up there, I'll be ready." With that, I walked out of the lookout tower and headed to Ecruteak.

> Name: Dusk
> Gender: Male
> Species: Umbreon
> Personality: Dusk is an extremely playful soul. He doesn't take too much seriously, and he has a rather childlike innocence that can be extremely adorable, but at times rather annoying. He hates to see someone in a bad mood, so he'll try to cheer them up as much as possible, and he's rather good at it. Although it wouldn't seem like it, Dusk is also very intelligent, on and off the battlefield. He knows his way around the battlefield and many tricks that go along with it.

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