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Originally Posted by Forever View Post

Omg rain, I swear it's all I ever face. I can generally stand a chance against sun (haven't really faced hail/sand :x) but rain idk it's usually annoying for me. What sucks is that the main issue is usually Politoed, lol.
But Ferrothorn can easily take on rain teams. IMO, the only Pokemon it would have a hard time against in a rain team is Toxicroak, who can hit it for super effective damage. The damage it takes from Iron Barbs can also be healed by Dry Skin.

Also, here's something I don't get: whenever Spikes and Stealth Rock are options on a Pokemon's sets, why is Spikes the primary option? Personally, I like Stealth Rock because of how it hits all types of Pokemon, though some of them resist it (and 4 Pokemon have 4x resists to it).