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Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
But Ferrothorn can easily take on rain teams. IMO, the only Pokemon it would have a hard time against in a rain team is Toxicroak, who can hit it for super effective damage. The damage it takes from Iron Barbs can also be healed by Dry Skin.

Also, here's something I don't get: whenever Spikes and Stealth Rock are options on a Pokemon's sets, why is Spikes the primary option? Personally, I like Stealth Rock because of how it hits all types of Pokemon, though some of them resist it (and 4 Pokemon have 4x resists to it).
Well, Jirachi can take most of the team (aka tenta/toed/croak after like 2 CMs) only thing is toed usually uses perish song and boom, and there's nothing I really want to switch out to so I guess Ferrothorn could work but I'm trying out Whimsicott which should be able to encore etc toed SO WE SHALL SEE. Other than that I really have no other issues with rain, lol.

yeah idek, 'tis why most of mine are immune to spikes lol :x SR hurts though..

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