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    I growled slightly as she taunted me, it was too early, and I was still barely awake. "Look, I know I have your powers and all, but I don't to become all lazy off of them, I'm already pretty lazy right now. I don't like depending on people, and I only made an exception for you, since you are the closest person I have, and because I would probably be killed without your help. That doesn't mean I need you 24/7.... crap I forgot something..." I pushed the button for my room again and walked immediately to the bathroom, stopping only to turn and tell Mammon to stay out.

    I took a pretty quick shower, since I was still very hungry, but I didn't want to be all smelly and stuff before the training even started. The funny thing about this was that I didn't even sweat, for some reason and whether good or bad I didn't know, or care. Turning the water off I dried myself quickly and got changed into a shirt and a pair of jeans, both resembling my clothing that I already been wearing when I arrived the other day. The jacket was still the same though, although it smelled nice indicating that it had been washed and how those people got it done that fast is still a mystery to me. My hair was still damp, and shined as if someone had spilled glitter all over it as I stepped back into the elevator, this time waiting for Mammon to come before I pushed the button for the dining hall.

    It opened up to a very large room, complete with some very fancy furniture and a long table. I sat myself down randomly on one of the chairs and ordered my omelet, taking another look around the place, and for a second I almost felt like I was disrespecting it by eating there. Almost. I ate large servings, sizes which might have even rivaled the appetite of Ryuu the Demon, but not quite, and I did not allow any food to get on my cloths, the table, or the floor. When I was done, I stood and thanked my servers for the meal before turning and walking out of the room just as casually as I had waltzed in. I waved to a passing Nokoto, and stepped into the elevator, pushing the training area button, rolling my neck and cracking my knuckles. Time to show off.
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