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Okay. I've been analysing the map files and I found that some of the unloadable map files (Identified by "Blank Map?") cannot load because the program does not look at the same place as all the other map files are at. In the normal files, it looks at 0x14, when in these "Blank Maps", the BMD0 offset is at 0x10. I need to make it go either at 0x14 or 0x10. I'll modify my code and get the names of the maps with a BMD0 offset of 0x10 and I'll add support for them later.

Edit: I've modded it and not had any success. I must see why that is.
Edit 2: I found this, if you want to see it:
Edit 3: If we can get it to work with this tinke plugin instead of it's conventional method, maybe it may work for all DS Maps.
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