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Originally Posted by lolwhet View Post
Pretty good.

I find it odd that the lower-left corner of the map is so square. It makes sense for the upper-left corner to be square, since it's so close to a house and since a flower garden has been planted there -- but the lower-left corner isn't close to any man-made structures. Why would the people building the town bother to cut those trees away if they're not going to use the space?

Adding another man-made structure would add unnecessary complexity; your map is good because it's simple. The treeline in the lower-left corner could be made just a little bit less regular, like that of the right corners. All it'd take is one more tree.

The puddle near the PokeMart seems a bit close to that path... This is a minor detail, but you may want to shrink it a bit.

Overall 8.5/10. Good job on a simple but not dull layout for a starting town.