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Guys, there is no need to reserve, places are open to whoever wishes to join.

@Skymin: Looking good, just waiting for the rest of it.
@Nakuzami: The appearance is a little short, but ACCEPTED.

>Name: Anthony Stagg
>Age: 21
>Gender: Male

Physical: From top to bottom, Anthony sits at around six foot two inches, just a little above average. He is quite well built, weighing something close to ninety kilograms, however this weight is largely muscle mass from constant training, what little fat he has left is minuscule. He has an angular face, defined more so by the short beard lining his jaw, coming down from his side burns and ending in a point on his chin. His hair is jet black, yet is cropped military style in a disliking of long hair stretching back to when he was a child. His eyes are a deep, ice-cold blue that look deep, but at the same time menacing and piercing. His white teeth make his smile look wider on the odd occasions that he does smile. His skin is a fairly toned white, having spent most of his life outside, training and exploring.

Clothing:Anthony's wardrobe is not one full of many colourful clothes. Partially due to his slight inability to see the full spectrum of colours, but also due to the fact that black, white and grey are the easiest colours to blend together, his wardrobe consists of many clothes in these shades. As far as shirts go, Anthony wears a plain dark grey long-sleeved shirt beneath a buttoned black shirt. Many of his clothes contain no brands, slogans or pictures, since Anthony prefers the plain colours which allow him to blend in more. Over top of his grey shirt is an unbuttoned black shirt that has long sleeves as well and a thin hood which he let's sit over top of the black leather jacket he wears often. When it gets cold, Anthony will button up his shirt then zip up his leather jacket, but never does he pull up the hood of his shirt - a little quirk he has.

Due to the paleness of his legs when contrasted to the rest of his body, Anthony prefers to wear pants. On quite formal occasions, he will wear a pair of straight cut jeans, and in casual occasions, his jeans are boot cut. His preference for these two sizes being that he can move his legs more, in case the time for defence was needed, or so he could run away. On a more personal side, he dislikes the comfort and feel of 'tighter' cut jeans. Apart from jeans, he does possess several pairs of black pants as well as black work pants alongside a couple of pairs of cargo pants, however these pare mostly in varying shades of grey. He also has a pair of black parachute pants, something he does not wear often, yet still likes to wear.

As far as shoes go, he wears a pair of black leather work shoes, which he finds annoying and uncomfortable, however they are part of the uniform for his work. When not working, he wears either a dark brown pair or black pair of cross trekkers, all dependant on what he his wearing at the time. To suit the colour scheme, all his socks are either white, black or grey.

As far as accessories go, Anthony wears a silver analogue watch on his right hand, despite being right handed. A pointed labret piercing points out from below his lip in the centre; his one and only piercing.

Knowing what has happened and that the events that have transpired in an Alternate Version of the Earth has changed Anthony in many ways and now he is quite different to the Anthony that allowed the world to burn. Seeing his friends and comrades die before his very eyes has made Anthony much more protective of those he holds close to his heart and considers friends. The team that he hopes to build up this time he intends to keep together and in one piece; the split that had happened before had led to their downfall and make sure that they don’t end up the way they had.

The one thing that lets Anthony down is his low tolerance for people who anger him. For an unknown reason, he dislikes greatly people whom act sarcastic towards him and try to take the mickey out of him. Possibly stemming from what he has seen and experienced, he takes things a lot more seriously that what his Alternate counterpart has. His supposed sense of humour has seemed to be replaced by a more serious side to him.

However because of what he has seen, he has more regard for life and safety. Because of the danger of their current situation, Anthony likes to make sure they have at least a little fun on their travels and some time to relax to actually enjoy life; however short it might be for them. Despite the gravity of their situation, having some time to relax means that they will be able to do a better job than what has previously happened.

In the face of adversity, Anthony’s main habit is to make sure that his friends and companions get to safety first and then flee rather than stand and fight. The last time they had stood to fight they had not been prepared and had lost everything. Preparation, logical thinking and planning take precedence over haste and direness in Anthony’s mind. Although they do have a limited time to save the world, Anthony would rather take a little longer to be prepared and win, than to run in half prepared and lose.

Anthony is also very dedicated towards achieving his goal. The fact that he has failed has not only angered Anthony, but spurred him to do better than what was done last time. Failure is something that Anthony does not take likely, and even though it is not this Anthony has failed, he still feels responsible for failing as it was another version of himself. Since a young child, he has beaten himself up about even small things that he has failed at; something as big as saving the world is one thing he could not live down.


>Name: Pitch
>Gender: Female
>Species: Houndoom

>Personality: Pitch is incredibly faithful and protective of Anthony. Sharing a connection with Anthony, she understands from their emotional link together that Shifter and Catalyst possess about the severity of the situation. She has always looked out for Anthony, ever since they met when he was barely crawling, and has gone from being a mother to him, to an elder sister and now the equivalent of a partner. She would fight beside him to the end, and no matter what he said, would never leave his side willingly.

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