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I take it that this means Atlantis Arising is dead in the water? Or is that still happening in the near future? X___X

Also a few questions:
1) Is our Cataylst our only Pokemon or did we get more than one if we want it?
2) Will one of us be the Death Walker and the one with Dual Vision or will those be NPCs?
^ New to Focus Shift so pardon the newbness

Anyway, here is the newest version of Lyle Murphy. This is 3.0 and my favorite one so far, but I may make some changes as I finished this rather late in my local time. Enjoy. I'll change anything if I need to.

EDIT: RP Sample is in there. Not my greatest work, but it is the most recent.

Name: Lyle Dunne Murphy
Age: 21
Gender: Male

->Physical: Lyle is of Caucasian descent and his qualities seem to match rather well, all things considered. Lyle's skin is rather pale, with very minimal tanning on his arms and lower legs. Lyle is rather tall standing at around 6 feet tall and has a well rounded athletic build with a defined but not physically intimidating muscular structure which puts at a modest 175 pounds. The muscle development is complete with each group of muscles featuring solid development and flexibility.

Lyle has long wavy unkempt brown hair that reaches his shoulders with the bangs brushing across his face. While he usually keeps his hair out of his face, he has grown increasingly lazy about the whole ordeal and lets it fall naturally as a means of covering a scar right above his left eye that stretches from his hairline down through his eyebrow, barely missing the eye itself. His eyes, while rather small, are a warm blue and are quite inviting. He keeps himself clean-shaven as much as possible and as such maintains a youthful face, making him appear younger than he really is and possibly more attractive (if that is your kind of thing). The most noticeable trait is that Lyle's nose appears of have been broken several times in the past and never healed properly, leaving the bridge of his nose more prominent and larger than most. He has several wounds on his face, in which he has bandaged to the best of his ability. A piece of tape lies the across his nose and another piece of medical tape lies on his right cheek.

->Clothing: Lyle's style is fairly typical of poor young adult seeking employment. Lyle has never bothered to ask anyone for money to buy new clothing from the local store. As such, much of Lyle's wardrobe is old and faded but manages to maintain some degree of style. In general, he wears dark colored shirts, usually dark blue, black and green, with abstract designs such as logos or even video game references. He is also fond of button down shirts of lighter colors to compliment his darker t-shirts. Lyle is never seen without a pair of old faded blue jeans with several rips to add "character" to his otherwise normal pair of pants. Lyle is also found of wearing boots, usually of the Timberland brand of various shades of gray, as they are useful for numerous purposes. Usually a leather belt is present to keep them from falling as well, but he has failed to purchase a stylish buckle. Lyle often wears a black motorcycle racing jacket with white and red accents over his shirts, merely for style as he believes it makes him look badass.

Lyle has a few notable accessories. A avid boxer, Lyle has his hands taped with white tape out of habit in case any random moments to "train" come up. Old earbuds can be frequently seen playing some indie rock song out of his hand me down Mp3 player. The most sacred and unique accessory is a silver locket hanging around his neck. With a floral design on its cover, inside a picture of a young beautiful blonde woman with serene blue eyes that match Lyle's own warm eyes.

Personality: Lyle can be best described as someone who is apathetic, aloof, selfish and above all self centered. In his mind, he is first and last and caring for himself is the most important priority. As such, Lyle carries himself as detached from the world, only concerning himself with things that directly affect him in some way or form. Lyle is uncaring in the way that if his needs are taken care of, then the day was successful. He does not see a problem with his as he firmly believes in the notion of the survival of the fittest and that everyone else is as self concerned as him. Because of this warped world view, Lyle is overwhelmingly pessimistic seeing the worst in the world and people together. To him, there is no bright side to any problem. He keeps himself distant and separated from the outside world, believing his detachment keeps him from caring for anyone and experience the pain of betrayal.

Another side to Lyle's pessimism is that he is slow to trust others to the point that is virtually impossible. Lyle receives people poorly and converses with the verbal skills of a wall. Being socially awkward, Lyle is slow to make friends (if such a feat is possible). This is primarily because Lyle is not a natural speaker and often "turns off" people with his morbid, bitter speech and overall lack of confidence. What Lyle considers humor is raw sarcasm. What he considers honesty is bitterness. What Lyle considers an innocent greeting is "What do you want?". What Lyle considers chit chat is a demand of one's purpose of speaking to him. He much rather to the point than invest in small talk. He handles conversations with objectivity, as he views time as a valuable resource. To those who can stand him and actually break the wall he builds separating the outside world and himself, Lyle opens to them and trusts them completely. He becomes fiercely loyal and protective of his loved ones.

However, Lyle lacks confidence in many areas. He continually compares himself to others and develops the notion he will never quite be good enough, whatever this may imply. This is further supported by his inferiority complex in comparison to his brother, who his parents heralded as perfect. Lyle, regardless of this complex, has some shred of confidence, selling himself short. He is adept critical thinker with exceptional skill in problem solving. He is intelligent, even if he claims otherwise. In this regard, Lyle is humble.

Lyle values independence and freedom; though this can be interpreted as childish rebelliousness. Since leaving his childhood home at the age of 18 (and returning only for the occasional visit), Lyle has enjoyed the ability to live on his own terms. These terms are typical of that of a young adult: Selfish, irresponsible, carefree, chaotic and without any sense of inhibition. Lyle actively smokes, drinks and experiments with anything that piques his interest. He enjoys trying new things, especially new types of food being glutinous to a fault. This indirectly leads to him greedy as he desires money to invest in his new interests.

Lyle suffers from two great faults. The first of these faults is short temper. Small things irk him greatly and he finds himself blowing up of out anger all too commonplace. These outbursts rarely turn violent, though on occasion he has knocked a man out. His second great fault is his "Daddy issues." Lyle's relationship with his dad is terrible at best and has left him with a unrequited issues. The problems are more complex than a simple "I hate my father" kind of thing and have sunk deeper into a general dislike for authority and refusal to accept guidance from male figures. He responds better to women and their opinions likely because of a positive association with female figures and a negative one with males.

History: Lyle was born to a young lower middle class family from the city of Icirrus in Unova in the heart of the winter. His mother's name was Elizabeth and his father's name was Charles, or Charlie as his friends called him. They were a young couple, no older than 25 when Lyle was born and they thought it was the beginning of a great life together. Lyle has a perfect synthesis of the two, with his father's hair and sharp features and his mother's deep blue eyes and warm smile. However, reality struck Charlie hard and in the matter of a few weeks he abruptly left Elizabeth alone with her child. She would learn later that Charlie quickly found himself a new room in the Castelian City Jail. This sudden shift in her husband's demeanor shocked the young mother but accepted life's new challenge and took on the responsibility of raising Lyle all by herself.

They moved to the city of Driftveil where Elizabeth accepted a number of jobs when she was able. The people know she was a single working mother and offered aid whenever possible, but she rejected them every time hopeful that when Charlie was released she would return to the family. Elizabeth worked as many as 3 jobs at a single time doing them with incredible diligence while raising Lyle with unrivaled love and care. Even when exhausted she would tell him stories with the masterful skill of an author or draw with him like an artist. Some asked where she got the time and energy to do this. She only smiled.

5 years had passed. Charlie found himself in jail after a failed parole attempt, once again leaving Elizabeth alone. It seemed though that time was not on their side this time. Elizabeth began to slow down and while her beautiful features remained, her energy seemed to disappear. Her smile was timeless, but there was much effort spent to do so. Her health entered a steep decline. She spread herself quite thin, working multiple jobs to pay the bills, live a safe part of the city and tend to her precious child. In the matter of a few weeks, she went from dancing her toddler to lying in a hospital bed. She died with a smile, living her life with no regrets.

Custody of Lyle was turned over to Elizabeth's older brother, Raymond. He was a self made man, owning a business in Nimbasa City. He lived in the suburbs of Castelia City with his pregnant wife, Lucy, and his only son Neil who was about 2 years older than Lyle. A daughter, Arya, was born shortly later Lyle's introduction but despite this sudden turn of events for Raymond's family he was received well. For him, he moved from one loving family to another, though with a eerie and depressing funeral in between. Lyle was not completely ignorant to the reality that his dear mother had passed away, over the course of the next few years up until his age of maturity he realized his mother died for his benefit. For that, he loved her more than anything in the world.

As mentioned before, Lyle's new home welcomed him with warm open arms. He considered Raymond and Lucy loving guardians and called Neil and Arya his brother and sister. He played various games with Neil frequently until they began attending school and even began to raise an Eevee together, though it immediately clung to Lyle more for unknown reasons, forcing Raymond to get another Pokemon for Neil some time later. Lyle, despite being a child, also helped in the raising of Arya (more so than his brother, in fact) though he was guilty of dropping her a few times by mistake causing Lucy to giggle before kissing Arya's wounds. The bonds between them grew strong and it was truly as if Lyle was a child of Lucy and Raymond.

Bonds, however, can be broken or at the very least weakened by the force of time. As the "siblings" grew up and attended classes in middle school, gaps grew between them for various reasons. Neil grew into an ambitious overachiever, earning high marks in all his classes and even evolving into quite the athlete. Arya became a frail sickly young girl that needed constant attention and eventually needed to be home schooled by various tutors. Lyle became lost in shuffle and suffered from middle child syndrome, often being forgotten due to Neil's accomplishments and Arya's needs. Neglect became a common hobby of his "parents" even if it was not intentional. It did not help that Lyle's social awkwardness and overall pessimistic, buzkill personality did not earn many friends to the point that was never truly a point in which Lyle had a best friend outside of his family or Jewel, his Eevee. Neil did his best to maintain a good relationship with Lyle if he found the time to do so. Though it was around this time an throughout most of highschool that Lyle developed a closer bond with Jewel, his Eevee he got many years back and Arya, his little sister. Lyle found himself helping Arya whenever possible as she seemed genuinely happy whenever Lyle was around, never treating him like an outsider. They would go to the park or to the mall in their free time and waste hours simply talking. Jewel, the Eevee, always came on these trips appearing to keep an eye on the two like a guard dog.

While the combined efforts of Jewel and Arya subdued Lyle's behavior a fair deal, it would not stop him from acting out completely. Yearning for attention in his high school days, Lyle found himself becoming increasingly rebellious. It started off innocent enough. The occasional outburst at a teacher, a scuffle during gym class, and the publicized argument with his peers. Then it involved into accusations of stealing, smoking on campus and fights with his fellow students. Unable to reason with Lyle effectively, Raymond decided to attempt to reason Lyle the best he could giving the boy more responsibilities and attention. It was only a band-aid.

When Lyle was 15, he experienced his first shift. It was a few months following his birthday and only a few days after Jewel had evolved into an Espeon during one of their morning runs through the woods fighting off wild Pokemon. The dream was odd in every way, as if Lyle was teleported to another world. It was immersive, yet frightening. Unique yet eerie. Exciting yet daunting. Lyle could not rid himself of the imagery of the dream and shared with his family. He was immediately deemed insane.

Lucy was not ready to send Lyle to a mental hospital as Raymond quickly deduced was the best option for Lyle's health, believing he was once again yearning for some sort of attention. She listened to Lyle and tried to act as a mother, practically acknowledging the unintentional and spotty neglect. The two grew closer and spent many days with Arya together, while Raymond played favoritism with Neil his favorite hobby.

One year later, Lyle was to meet his father for the first time in many years. Charlie and Lyle's relationship was strained to say the least. Lucy had fed Lyle a fair amount of propaganda (for lack of a better word) that his father was a terrible man for the most part. A failure of a Pokemon trainer in his youth and a struggling self promoter in his young adulthood, Charlie had always been on the wrong side of the law. Following Lyle's birth, he sunk back into his old habits and turned back to drugs, alcohol and crime as a coping mechanism for the newfound stress of being a parent. Lyle had visited Charlie several times with Raymond and Lucy always at his side and Charlie would always attempt to make small talk to reestablish a relationship as if to atone for Elizabeth's death. It was readily apparent he had blamed himself for her death but as Lyle grew older and more judgmental (as well as more aware of the circumstances of his childhood and parentage), the visits became more scarce as he grew tired of his father's failures as an individual and his excuses for his actions. Charlie forced this one meeting upon hearing of his son's struggles in his "coming of age."

(OOC: I would write the dialogue here, but I think I'll save that for later. Maybe a flashback.)

The meeting did not go well for the most part, but it was apparent that Charlie got the monkey of his back and was ready to assume the role as a father following the acquisition of a stable job and home. He taught the lessons he never had the chance to teach and gave Lyle a present; the one that would become his most prized possession: the locket with a picture of his mother; his hero.

Regardless if he wanted to admit it or not, his father's words reached him. Lyle knew what he wanted to do above all else. Even if he couldn't find a career or a calling, he didn't want to be his father. That was the goal. School become more important as he focused on his studies with greater diligence. The grades that were Cs and low Bs, became high Bs and low As. He got involved in more sports to take up his time. Lyle joined a gym and took up boxing as a new hobby. Lyle, of course, continued to be a nurturing brother to Arya as it gave him solace like nothing else.

When Lyle turned 18 and later graduated from high school, he decided to set out on a journey of self discovery. Not entirely sure what to do with his life and still seeking a purpose, Lyle left his comfortable home on good terms and wandered the country of Unova on his bicycle taking up random jobs to teach himself the human experience. Along the way, he battled some trainers, befriended some Pokemon and "experimented" in questionable ways. Everything was worth trying once, Lyle told himself. Little did he know, it was only the beginning.

RP Sample:
"So, this is Sinnoh. Can't say I am too impressed. Kanto has just as much to offer."

Leon's uneducated opinion notwithstanding, he entered the city limits of Sunnyshore city with some level of anticipation. Not only was it his first time in Sinnoh, the next location on his world tour but he was a competitor in the "Stars of Sinnoh" tournament. He had no idea what it was, what is was about, nothing at all for that matter. Nonetheless, he graciously accepted. Leon thought he accepted some invitation to some minor competition where he would crush a bunch of 10 years old dreams like a mother handing out broccoli on Halloween. Short, simple, sweet and then proceed to travel Sinnoh in order to enter the Pokemon League and finally win a real tournament. He already had to drop out of Unovian League because of some unnecessary drama clouding his judgement. His team was more than powerful enough, but alas one cannot change the past so there is no point on dwelling on it. Leon toured Sunnyshore for a period of time. He guessed it was a vacation spot of sorts, with a few resorts and an absolutely gorgeous beach. If he had a significant other, he figured he would take her here for the honeymoon. Then again, he hated the idea of commitment, at least for now.

He stopped at a small local restaurant on the door, picking up some food as the journey from Unova to Sinnoh was quite daunting and tiring. It was a fine burger, probably made from some Johto cattle. It was perfect in every way with enough extra toppings that half the burger crashed onto his plate, narrowly missing his expensive pants. Fortunately in his bag, he carried a few extra pairs for just such an occasion. Having recovered some of his strength, Leon continued to scour the streets. It seemed his fame had not reached Sinnoh as few people begged for his autograph as if selling it would obtain riches beyond wildest imaginations. He did get two requests which he obliged to accept.

"Hey kids. I am looking for Stars of Sinnoh thing. Any idea where its at?" He asked as he finished signing a picture of his in his signature thumbs up pose.

"How do you not know?" The older one jeered. "Aren't you in it?"

"Well, yeah. But I really didn't pay much attention. And don't tell anyone, but Unova is a bit slow to get the news sometimes."

The kids laughed at his joke, before answering his question: "It's over there!" They said it in unison, pointing in the distance. There was a large stadium, stabbing the sky with a cool blue blade. It was a spectacle to be sure, even at the distance Leon was at.

"You've got to be kidding me…that's the stadium? What did I get myself into?"

"What do you mean, Mr. Leon?" The younger child asked innocently.

"Ha! Nevermind. Don't worry. Be sure to watch me alright? Then again, I might win this thing so quickly, you'll miss it!" Leon roared with laughter. Suddenly this detour from his Champion aspirations became far more interesting. A tournament in that monstrosity of a stadium had to be big news. And the fame that winner would get would be immense. Leon had to win. Anything other fate would not be accepted.

Leon bolted over towards the stadium, using it as a compass to navigate the city streets. His hobby of parkour aided him greatly, blazing through the obstacles with ease. In due time and several damaged stands later, Leon reached the stadium courtyard. A sea of people stood in his way. Young, old, ugly and beautiful. The only thing Leon had seen in comparison was the crowds at Pokemon League championships he entered. Leon squeezed his way through the crowds, ducking his head down to avoid attention. He had this gut feeling he was late and couldn't afford many more delays. The registration desk was in sight and Leon perched himself there.

"Name, please," the young women requested.

"Leonard. Leonard Radcliff."

The woman nodded and scanned the sheet: "Ah, there you are. You are late, Mr. Radcliff."

"And you are beautiful and married, but you don't see me complaining," He replied in a coy manner.

"How did you…?"

"Intuition, my dear. And the ring on your finger is hard to miss. Now where am I going?"

"Oh..right. You are in Black group. You can look at the draw board there if you are curious about the rest of the competition. Housing is provided for you. Just check out the housing center when you have the time."

"Ah, good. Won't have to crash in the Pokemon Center then. Is there a PC nearby?"

"There should be a PC on the first floor where you are staying."

"Great. Thank you. Well, see ya then."

"Good luck with the rest of the stars!"

Heh, I won't need it, Leon thought to himself. He stuck his hands in his pockets as he looked at the other competitors. None of the names really stood out, though a few from Yellow group bore some resemblance to people he may have known. Especially Brandon. Can't be the Brandon I am thinking of, could it?

Leon shrugged his shoulders and moved on. "Free housing, eh? Let's check it out."

Name: Jewel
Gender: Female
Species: Espeon
Personality: One could call Jewel the mother figure that Lyle only wish he had. She is nurturing, protective and loving. She comforts Lyle in his times of need and protects him in times of danger. Her compulsive need to protect Lyle has lead her to be overbearing in this endeavor. She is slow to trust others, even less so than Lyle and continually questions others in her own way. She is terribly judgmental, does not hand out second chances easily and is known to be stern all too frequently. Nevertheless, she is reliable, trustworthy and takes honor to the next degree. Like, Lyle she trains herself regularly and is capable of taking care of herself. She is the more responsible of the two and takes better care of herself it seems. Jewel is strong in both moral convictions and raw power, making her a reliable companion and an excellent foil to Lyle's more fleeting desires.

Paired with the beautiful Pikachu
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