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Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
But Ferrothorn can easily take on rain teams. IMO, the only Pokemon it would have a hard time against in a rain team is Toxicroak, who can hit it for super effective damage. The damage it takes from Iron Barbs can also be healed by Dry Skin.

Also, here's something I don't get: whenever Spikes and Stealth Rock are options on a Pokemon's sets, why is Spikes the primary option? Personally, I like Stealth Rock because of how it hits all types of Pokemon, though some of them resist it (and 4 Pokemon have 4x resists to it).
I always feel like everything on a rain team should at least be able to deal with Ferrothorn and if it absolutely can't then really Ferro isn't walling the entirety of a rain team forever. You can only take so many Specs Hydro Pumps... plus things like Toxicroak, Dragonite (whether Sub/DD or Specs Hurricane), Tornadus, Scizor... the list goes on and on. I don't really like using Ferrothorn as it's incredibly predictable and honestly people have found so many workarounds that I'm just like meh, it's Ferrothorn. Maybe I'll try a Curse set since finding an effective gimmick is awesome but until then I don't think I'll be using a Ferrothorn.

Spikes is rarer than SR, ergo it's usually preferred because you can fit SR on many more things.
Originally Posted by Forever View Post

Well, Jirachi can take most of the team (aka tenta/toed/croak after like 2 CMs) only thing is toed usually uses perish song and boom, and there's nothing I really want to switch out to so I guess Ferrothorn could work but I'm trying out Whimsicott which should be able to encore etc toed SO WE SHALL SEE. Other than that I really have no other issues with rain, lol.

yeah idek, 'tis why most of mine are immune to spikes lol :x SR hurts though..
yeah stop using flying types noob

Toxic Spikes are really deadly in this metagame. Unless you're running like mono-immune, it nails everything and all of the common spinners too ( tenta) and even helps win the weather war. Toxic Spikes are so insanely useful in this metagame, really. Then again, I don't ever want to play a rain stall vs rain stall game either lol. THATD BE FUN

Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
My team is very weak to rain stall, as Quagsire and Chansey are untouchable as a core, Rain Stall is definitely potent this gen, albeit I do feel like the metagame has now become Ninetales+Dugtrio+Volcarona. Normally, I beat these teams if I can get rid of Dugtrio, but dear god it is a chore. I have to play insanely conservative with Heatran as I absolutely cannot afford to let it snap its balloon early, rendering it Duggy bait.
Rain and sun teams are getting more and more popular as the usage of sand declines slightly. And yeah... those sun teams are insane. Maybe those people who didn't want Excadrill banned really knew what they were talking about. );

It'll be a chore to come up with a decent nonweather team that can actually deal with the insane offensive pressure of sun teams + the defensive presence of rain stall. I don't even know where to begin.